Eh? You Think?

Chillin at work today drawing some sexy super hero lookin chick when one of my students notices.

Let me back up a little bit. During a period in which I don’t have a class, I let students who are having trouble come in for help. This was one of those times.

Anyway, he said “Wow Mr.*******, that’s pretty awesome. You should totally draw comics!”

Now this was just one of my students being nice, even though the portrait turned out awesome, and I love it. It got me to thinking, damn, I don’t do anything with my life anymore these days. And I would love to have a comic series. But truth is, I’m really not that great at drawing. I can really only draw the face. That’s about it.

Nevertheless, I kinda wanna do this, and have an idea for a story. It’d probably just be a six issue something or other, but hey, why not, right? 

Heres the Character Bios and then I will give the general plot line.

Daniel – Main character, in his mid 30’s, about 5-10, 230 pounds, average build, bald, thick face, dark grey eyes, quiet, refined, very intelligent (mathematically and analytically), no physical or marital relation to any of the other characters. Favorite artist(s): Beethoven, Aesop Rock, and Temper Trap; Favorite Movie(s): To Kill a Mockingbird, Tombstone, The Departed 

Bandit – Young female, very angry, smart-ass,black hair, Similar appearance to Mike Choi’s “X-23”, she is the “wildcard” of the group, Cal’s little sister, she plays the drums. Favorite artist(s): Slayer and Megadeth; Favorite Movies: Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead, Spawn

Cal – Well built, Short dark hair, Large thick handlebar mustache, Sleeve tattoos, very humble and loving, watches out for his little sister (Bandit) like a guardian angel (because she’s always getting into trouble). Soft hearted, fearless, smart/witty. Favorite Artist(s): Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Run DMC, Beastie Boys; Favorite Movie(s): Any Western, Val Kilmer, or Clint Eastwood film

Remmy – Mid 20’s, very attractive, kick-ass mentality, fiery but polite, dark red hair. Only character with combat training (never in the military or law enforcement though). Gains power to slow down time from Abaddon’s arrival, but we don’t meet her until after she has acquired them. Favorite Artist(s): none; Favorite Movie(s): none

Brian – Abaddon’s best friend, basically Fone Bone. Favorite Artist(s): none; Favorite Movie(s): none

Abaddon – Inter-dimensional being, very tall, dressed in dark robe, wise and sage like. Low calm voice. He’s come from another world to save the earth from the onslaught that is engulfing the world.

Casion – 1. Drug derived from infant that is immune to the disease. Name is from infant’s name.

2. Daniel’s son, infant with white hair.


A disease created by a government scientist possessed by a demon has been released into a high populous area in north-east America. In an attempt to cover their tracks, the government has stolen an infant from a hospital. An infant which they believe holds the cure of the disease. But his father, Daniel, is more than determined to get his son back. Meeting friends along the way, he tries to save Casion (his son) from monsters, soldiers, and government scientists. The leaders of the nation have turned their backs on the rest of the world as, one by one, people slowly fall victim to the disease. 


Any feedback is appreciated!

Yall rock ~ Alpha


A little something because I’ve been slacking…

I’ve been having a crazy weekend along with the week before it. But currently I’m debating whether to write in the third or first person. Third it is. I just felt like writing this little story.

What is this we’ve found here. Is it a lie? She wondered and wondered. No matter what it may be she knew she could never have it. She knew she could never have him. It was so sad how his eagerness and insaciable apetite for knowledge had dragged her in. He just kept pursuing and pursuing until he spoke to her, drawing her in like a timid, hungry, animal to bowl of food. But the darkness had been hiding the tattooed hand, forever marked with shame, guilt, and hallucination. But I believe that we are not meaningless. Geez, you’re acting like it’s all bad here! They’re still friends. He takes care of them and her, looking after them and keeping them safe. I mean honestly, they take too many risks. But he met some new people. And he just loves them. They’re so beautiful and pure inside and for once he doesn’t want to change that. Usually the *ahem* other side would have come out, but no. He’s been doing a great job at keeping himself controlled.

What I really want to get at is the night before his dear friends death. All of this is quite trivial. They were all enjoying a drink. Lovingly showing each other a good time, the whole lot of them. Thats really all that needs to be remembered from that night. He promised his wife and daughter he would be there whenever they needed him, and he’s a man of his word. He told his best friend everything a truly good man is and that he was a good man. He told the others about all of the loss in his life, and how it never gets any easier, and thats why no matter how many you loose, you will always feel the same pain you did the first time. And thats why we have to enjoy, the short time we have and take care of those that truly matter. All of that jibber jabber at the beginning? Oh, well thats not important.

That was probably one of the most pointless things I’ve ever written, but I just needed to throw something out there. I was pretty bored tonight.

The people that surround us

We all have that moment when we realize someones true character. Sometimes it’s a gentle nudge telling us “Darn I was right wasn’t I”? But sometimes it is a blatant slap right in the face. Yea this was one of those times. For the most part I am writing this part to all those liars, deceivers, and people that hide your emotions like it’s a crime. Really I don’t think you realize how better off society would be without you. You mess up our political systems. You mess up our lives. You mess up friendships conversations, and minds. So please, be honest. I know the truth hurts but lying causes worse problems, trust me.

Now that thats out of the way, a very short story? Why not. I mean I really dont have the free time, but why not?

He didn’t know what to think. They hadn’t told him anything, just tied him up and dragged him out of his cell. It was different then usual this time though, because they blind folded and gagged him. He could here the calls of fellow inmates mocking him, but he had really become accustomed to it by now. The vulgar cries died away, and he could tell it was getting brighter wherever he was going. He was dragged over a door step, and placed in a chair, still indoors as far as he could tell. The blindfold was removed and a single light shone in his eyes. “This the one?” he heard a man ask from behind the light. A different voice replied, “Yup.” “Now listen Kyo,” the first voice started, “you are gonna go out there and do what you do best. Fight to the death. Kill them all and you might win your freedom.” The blindfold was repositioned over his eyes and they stood him up. He heard another door open and the blindfold, gag and handcuffs were removed. They pushed him out into a large arena, his feet hitting soft warm sand. The arena was empty but in front of him stood two men from block C. Block C was for the weak. The first man looked him straight in the eye, and at that point he realized they had been told the same thing, “fight to the death.” The man ran at him disregarding the other man to his right. Kyo neutralized the man in one swift motion snapping his neck like a rabbit in a snare. The second man started to back away, but Kyo had found a small shard of metal in the sand. He threw it just like he had been trained, piercing the mans jugular. Blood, shone brightly in the mid morning sun and painted the sand as the man fell and sprawled about like a skewered swine. He heard a voice from above him and he whirled around to meet its origin. A man, who’s outline was all he could make out in the shadows, said one simple sentence. “Not him.” Kyo felt the all too familiar feeling of a tasar meeting his body. He awoke in his cell. Events like these, having happened before, were nothing new to him and he thought nothing of it, but it was the first time he had been in the arena. He had loved it.

Random short tale

Well because I’m bored…

She slowly opened here eyes. The ground was bare but not cold. Looking up at the wall she could see a blue dark glow that left a film on the walls, it seemed. The light was coming from outside. It was dark and snowing softly on the window. She was on the second floor from what she could tell and as she stood and walked to the door she noticed a light through the cracks. She went into the lit hallway, finding her way along the wall under the barely luminescent bulb. Soon a staircase greeted her and she followed it downwards to the first floor. The first floor was much darker with not a single light for her to find her way. She stood still for a few moments waiting for her eyes to adjust. When it seemed she could navigate the dark house she made her way down another shorter hallway into what seemed like a kitchen. There were more windows in the kitchen, these windows however were not plagued with artificial light form the outside. The sky was tan and sandy. You know how sometimes you look outside away from the city and the sky is all tan? Thats what it looked like. This intrigued her for she had never seen the sky such an odd color. Making her way to the right she stumbled upon a door and could not help but peak out on that mysterious sky. She cracked the door just a hair and a cold breeze softly wafted into the room. She opened the door a little wider and went out into the December cold. Her bare feet pressed fresh molds into the snow, but she wasn’t cold. She was warm with excitement and love, the kind of love for something intangible that we feel when we are most at peace with ourselves. This love we can always find within, at any place, at any time.