Week in Review

So everything went very well with the Triads. They didn’t even know they had something of ours and we took care of something the very same day for them to make amends. We still sorta “owe them one” but for the most part we don’t have an problems.

So I have been back at the office. Back home. Dealing with everyone. I’m gone for a week and people are already touching my stuff…

Any way Tina got a haircut. Just a note for all of you out there when you have a woman in your life who is either your wife, fiance, or life partner, etc. you need to be able to recognize the signs. So you are gone for a couple days but right before you left you two have a conversation (possibly an argument) about something serious. If they have changed their appearance when you return, it’s a sign.

I was back at the office for a little while and my friend tried to get me to have a Pokemon tournament with him and several other people in the office. I politely declined his offer. But when I got home that night I payed my old gameboy advanced. It’s the best for plane flights and I take it with me when I travel. Yea that’s right.

Go ahead and imagine what the people I sit next to on the plane think.

So this post is taking me a couple days to actually write. My time is s broken up. I really don’t have much free time right now because there is so much going on.

I’m starting to have more nightmares than usual again. Most of them about Claire. I dreamed about her dying and everything again. I feel like it is all more than just some PTSD type thing. I probably have PTSD but I really don’t feel like I do. We are programmed to know that certain things are bad and the mess with us mentally, but if you are raised around it and it is all you know, then it isn’t as bad to as it is to someone who has never experienced it before. That’s why I don’t think I have PTSD. 

So I’m writing this today but the other stuff was all from a couple days ago. I a working for a man I have met recently. He needed a mechanic to help him in his garage. This manis already a pretty good mechanic, but he wanted an assistant and I just happened to sit with him on one of my recent plane rides. He races dragsters and has a couple. He just bought a new one which I am currently working on along with the new trailer he bought. I was fitting the trailer up to be able to hold cars (it was originally for dirt bikes and four wheelers so it had some parts we didn’t need) when I noticed out of the open back garage door that some people were yelling. It was a queer looking little guy and a girl with a lot of make up and her hair all done up. I asked if everything was ok over there. “Oh, sorry,” the guy replied, “We are just having a little crisis over here.” 

“NO!” the woman said, “we are having a major crisis!” Tears were almost flowing from here eyes. I thought there had been a death in the family.

So they quickly explained to me that there car wouldn’t start and they needed to be at there niece’s dance recital. They were their niece’s legal guardians. I was driving a blacked out Dodge Charger that I was also working on for a friend (they wanted me to install a system in the back along with new wheels tires and window tint. Luckily the only part that I hadn’t put in yet was the system. So I offered to give them a jump. Turns out that their alternator was completely dead. So I said I would give them a ride. At first they declined saying that would be too much of me. But I insisted. I got to drive really fast and they made it in time. Then I went and got chipotle with Tina and saw The Avengers. 

Before I get into the next section here is the closest match I could find to how the two people I drove looked like.



The Avengers was great. And Black Widows hair was exactly like Tina’s except Tina’s hair was a darker maroon color. Same style though. She freaked a little bit saying things like “Everyone is going to think I’m trying to be her! I don’t want to be one of those people!” I reassured her saying that black widow was hot and received a prompt smack. Hater.

That’s about all for now. Not much action, I know right?

Sorry guys. But have a good one anyway everybody!


It’s happening

Yes it’s happening again. That time when I post after a really long period of not posting. I’ve been pretty busy just like usually, but I’m using my first snippet of free time to post for all of you. Because I love you. I love all of you. I’ve been in Japan for the past…I don’t even know how many days. Anyhow, Me and David had another fun job. We got to do my favorite things. Buy weapons and drive motorcycles across a country. We had to make a delivery half way across the little island country, and the package was small enough we decided to rent motorcycles. I received a cafe racer looking Yamaha sr500 and David got some Triumph triple or something. We made the delivery. I purchased a really nice m4 (I will post a picture sometime because it is just so beautiful), a new CIRAS vest (it’s super cute), and some other random combat gear. It was a fun two (or something) weeks.

I want to apologize to onwindydays ahead fo time, because it’s going to be a while before I nominate people for the award I received. What did you expect? It’s me.

I’m leaving again with Sam and David to go to Australia next week (best month ever). I’m afraid Tina will cut her hair this time though. Very afraid. She keeps hinting at it in that condescending way. HER condescending way. *sigh* I’ll get over it. 

I other Tina related news, she wants her own motorcycle now. This figures, because me and David (and all of my other friends) have been riding whenever we can, and since she wants a new bike it means that I can’t buy one for me. This is not a big deal because I already have two, but finding Tina a bike that she likes is impossible. She wants something that she can handle but she wants something that will go fast. It’s hard to find a good balance in a motorcycle for her so if any of you have suggestions for a good bike feel free to save me a lot of trouble…

There is s much going on at the office away from home right now. We are getting busy again and people are getting very rowdy. It doesn’t make sense because as far as I can see nothing has happened to bring this on. It doesn’t bother me because I never get involved in the arguments. But it’s hard sometimes because people are so ignorant…

I’m just going to leave you all with these pictures from one of my new favorite websites to waste time on. Check it out, it’s called pipeburn.com









You know you love it.



So I’ve converted my bathroom into my new office. Kinda. It’s just got a great flow and an even balance of chi and aura. Or Perhaps it does. Nah I’m just kidding (I’m not one of those people). But I have found that it is very comfortable and for that reason I have decided to make it my new work place and let me say, it has been working out great. The loud fan drowns out all other noise and being able to lock the door allows me to block out all other people. Primarily Texas Toast because he has been on this annoying  “I must play monopoly and scrabble with everyone” phase. No to say that I wouldn’t beat him into shame, but that’s not what I’m about and I would rather leave that to Rex because it is his job to be a jerk. But I truly have completed almost twice the work I normally would. The bathofficeworkroomplace is my new favorite room. It is not simply just for work. No, you sickos, not that. It is also a great place to blog, read, meditate, build models, etc. I love it. P.S. I am currently writing this in the bathofficeworkroomplace. Take it in. Take it all in, because soon I will have to go back out into the world. The cold, cold, ugly world.

In other news I purchased an Anthrax CD yesterday. They have always been one of my favorite bands, but I noticed I did not have any of their CD’s. That’s sad. So I went to the exchange and texted my friend, asking him which Anthrax CD he thought was the best. He never replied so I ended up buying a “best of.” Now anybody who has ever bought a “best of” of a band that they truly like knows this is CD buying suicide. Fortunately this time the CD was actually pretty good and legitimately had all of my favorite songs on it. This rarely happens. Don’t chance it like me. EVER.

Lastly I wanted to share this with you all


Don’t worry no one is demoralizing me by telling me I have a stupid blog (I could care less if they did anyway). And I’m not insinuating anything against anyone elses. But I figured this picture was semi appropriate.

Good day to you all.