Whateva, Girl

So me and one of my coworkers went to get breakfast this morning and have little bible study. It was nice. We read Jude, which is very short, but a great read. After it was about ten minutes until we needed to be at work, we still didn’t have our check. So I gave my friend the money for my check and a tip, and went outside to have a smoke. He said that when he finally got her attention, she said she thought she had given us the check 15 minutes ago. We were both late to work.


Back to the other story.

OW. That’s what I said after getting shot in the leg. OW. She turned to run, but I’m a little faster (cuz I’m so awesome) and I pin her in a full nelson, through the pain. As the dogs are starting to approach, she says, “There’ going to kill me and take me back there, please let me go…” I’m like…WTF. Lady you just shot me and…damn you’re good looking. “Call me.” I said as I released her.

So without saying a word to anyone, mostly out of confusion, I was transported to the hospital. Chillin in my little hospital bed, I noticed that different nurse than before had come  into my room. What? Oh no way. That’s awesome. It was the women from the woods and the chase. She pulled the cover over my head while pushing her index finger to her lips and whispering “shh.” So I was wheeled to the morgue. She proceeded to tell me that she was a rogue government agent who had been pulled out of high school to start her CIA training. She was special ops and had gone against orders on a mission and now she was being blamed for a massacre or something. For me: major turn on. So I double wrapped my stitches and put on a male nurse uniform and glasses that she had brought for me. I felt bad for whoever’s glasses she had taken, but it’s their fault for not have converting to contacts yet.

Long story short, I totally dug this chick, so I pulled some strings, had a professional hacker get ahold of the information needed to prove her innocence (I got to break into a government facility to connect to the server for him ^^) and so they (whoever was actually after her) agreed to believe she was dead and leave us alone. So we chillin now. Good times all round. She had daddy issues as a kid, etc. so everything is more interesting with her, and I like it because for me women have always been easy, but she’s different because she’s a challenge. Niot like she doesn’t like me chalenge though. It’s hard to explain. Anyhow, we are very close.

Love you all. But it’s back to class time.