I showed this to my class today. It is an extended class day today and tomorrow, so I always have a little extra time to fool around with the students. Especially the first period ones. They always need a little waking up. Anyways, heres the link


It is the History of Hydrofoils, compliments of Dark Roasted Blend.


All of the kids were very confused. I don’t think any of them had ever seen or even heard of a hydrofoil. What is wrong with kids these days?? It’s not really the fact that they didn’t know what it was as much as the fact that they had never heard of it, or even cared to know. 

“Don’t you wanna ride a boat that isn’t even really in the water?!”

“I guess that’s pretty cool.”

“NO! It’s pretty awesome!”


“Ohhhh….I think I get what you guys are trying to say. Pop quiz. Gotcha. Yea that’s right. Life isn’t fair.”

So I didn’t actually make them take pop quiz. I’m too cool of a teacher for that jazz. I mean, we listen to Silverstein in my class! We all ended up talking about hydrofoils for the majority of the class period. We got into some serious discussions, and one of the main areas of discussion was why there aren’t a bunch of them being used today instead of all of the regular boats. It was a good time. And then I made them do work for the rest of class. What do you think about hydrofoils? Why aren’t there more around? I know what I know, but I love other peoples opinions, and I may show yours too my class if you have some interesting points to share. Thanks for any input!

Onto other subjects. At home life. Damn. Well me and Laura met in a peculiar way. I’m just gonna brush the surface of it right now though. I was called in to assist in a manhunt, and the capturing of a murderer. Bam. Love it. This took up a large majority of summer. Apparently this was tied into some type of mass murder, although this person didn’t commit that, they were just a part of it somehow. Whateva. All of a sudden, we have a hot trail. So I’m fast roping down from this Black Hawk and I hit the ground and look over at this squad advancing on a body. 

“Aww damn, you already got’em without me?”

No sir, he got caught in the crossfire when we were trying to subdue the subject.”

Before that boy could finish his sentence I was already sprinting towards the barking dogs. OH WHOOPS. We are in the forests of the North Eastern United States. I pass the dog team because I’ve already picked up on the subject. Sixth sense like a boss. I’m going so fast that I don’t even notice the trail I’m following is a fake. I turn to see a young lady about three feet away from me.

“Oh shit, are you ok? You see some crazy looking mofo come through this way?”

And as I’m saying that, she pulls me sidearm out of it’s holster.

I instinctively grab it and released the magazine, but she has already pulled the trigger. One jacket hollow point pierces my thigh. 


I will type part two out later this week. Class time 🙂

Enjoy the week my friends.