New Job that I Love Cont.

So we are heading out (I’m writing this in pages because we are driving). The girl was getting really fidgety and nervous so I had to be all nice and what not telling her that everything is fine. It just felt so strange. Her parents are more than likely dead at this point. I feel pretty bad for her but I can relate so we have just been talking. It’s been a surprisingly short ride so far and we only ran into a little bit of a problem at one point. I’m considering taking this girl in if she doesn’t have any reliable family to go to. Until then she will definitely be sticking with me.


Oh gosh I wasn’t expecting a surprise ;)

So late last night i went to Toledo for Tina’s basketball game. As disappointing as the loss was it was a good game and Tina wasn’t even that mad. Which is good for me. Last night i got a surprise though. David cam to me in the dark of the night and said “Hey man I got us a fun job.” And it was a fun job. Taking a package on snowmobile into the middle of nowhere up north. We have to drive the truck to Michigan though but once we get there it’s go time. Just wanted to update for you all. Because I love you.

Being Gone is Selfish. Sorry

Yes I have Neglected my blogging responsibilities for a little while, but in my defense it is quite inconvenient to take a laptop with me when I’m riding my motorcycle to Maine from Ohio. Literally about a 1,000 mile ride. So I will apologize, but just know it was a legitimate reason. The cause of my long journey was a well paying easy job. My employer was simply too lazy to do it themselves. That’s no problem though because it’s what I make money off of. They wanted me to take a message and a proposition too someone they wanted to buy something from, you know the usual. *Quick side note* The U.S. postal service is untrustworthy when it comes to this kind of business. Any how a deal was struck and it was a very fun journey. That is why I’ve been away.

In other unrelated news I’m having a hard time deciding whether or not to let Tina cut her hair. You see she has quite beautiful and when it gets long she looks lovely. But she wants to get it cut. Now I don’t want to be that guy. You know the one that tells their partner what they can and can’t do. But I love Tina’s long hair…Now I know the simple solution would be to tell her that and then let her make her decision. But with her things aren’t all that simple (one of the reasons I’m so attracted to her). She can easily see past the charade and would know that I don’t want her to cut her hair. You know if you saw it you would understand my situation, but for now I think I’m just going to keep my mouth shut.


So our little band had a show this weekend and it went very well. Since we are all already good friends and we all have naturally appreciable musical talent, we can play almost anything we want.

It was an easy five song setlist:

Beyond our suffering by As I lay Dying

Back Burner by August Burns Red

Indonesia by August Burns Red

Cracks in the Wall by Evita

Pirates the Sequel by In Fear and Faith


All song which I suggest you take a listen to because they are great. 

Other than that I went snowboarding this weekend on what snow we have left and it looks like this will be a crappy paper work filled week with a fun job this weekend. 

I shall leave you all with this.


Oh yes, it’s friday

This friday isn’t your normal friday. It’s one of those “game on” fridays. The first snow of the winter has fallen and today was my day to be the car pool driver. Well of course we were sliding all over the highway listening to me new HUDSON MOHAWKE CD! We did our usual breakfast on friday mornings, which is always the best, and then we proceeded to work and we all made it in on time by about two minutes. Im just so pumped for friday. Just so pumped. Really it was just like a winter wonderland driving around downtown this morning. And I woke Tina up by being loud at 5 in the morning. Awwww yea.

The sweet night air (and some Hudson Mohawke)

So I had been home from work for a while and decided to watch workaholics (the funniest show ever). In the episode ‘Dry Guys’ it opens up with a song and to be honest, the combination of the song and the panning of the camera around the “morning after” made me pee myself a little (not really though). I decided to find out the artist. The name of the artist was Hudson Mohawke and I love them now. I burnt their CD five minutes later and watched the rest of my episode. Later that night while driving around to Hudson Mohawke (picking up dinner: Taco Bell and Starbucks) I decided to role my windows down and enjoy the music, like a teenage boy that had just gotten his license. Whilst one couple gave me a weird look, the car full of raging teenagers next to me was freaking out. This made me feel pretty awesome for someone in their twenties for some reason, so I peeled out when the light turned green and spilled my tall vanilla latte all over my passenger seat. I didn’t feel cool anymore so I turned down my music and went home.


Moral of the story? Use the cup holders. Because there is nothing wrong with driving around pumping Hudson Mohawke.