I just try to be the most down to earth person possible. Being honest with people is one of the most important things I think a person could do. In the end everything always works out better. It might sound wierd but I like to take day dreaming to the next level. Sitting around creating stories in my head is one of my favorite things to do. I like to use music to influence the stories and artwork is always great to get a better visual. I also love helping people find the answers to their questions so it’s always a joy to help my friends and family when they need a second opinion. I hope that I can stir peoples imaginations and have them look at their hearts when they read anything on here. But I also plan on journaling so if you care not about my privy existance feel free to ignore those posts ^^


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Definitely like your posts here. Haha I really enjoyed the one with the peasants too. My brother and I used to call each other that all the time. Like “take the trash out, peasant” and he would respond with “Trash is only for the lowly to take out, understand?….peasant” It was so much fun just degrading each other (all in good humor of course). But anyways, I will definitely be coming around to see more 😀

  2. No problem! You definitely deserved it. Haha, there’s no rush or time obligation 😀 But hopefully the rest of your week goes well. I was lucky that the hardest part of my week just passed, so now I’ll be able to go home for break. And of course you can nominate me! I would be honored 🙂

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