A Long Journey

Many things have happened lately. Many, many, terrible, wonderful and inspiring (not in the way you’d think) things. Like usual, I will start at the beginning of the debacle. 

I was in that figurative “dark place” and for what reason I know not. I was just there marinating in my own cesspool of depression and negativity. I had forgotten all I stood for, my family, my friends, my brothers…

I tried to put things in the empty hole in my heart and in my soul. I turned back to drinking, leaving my house and job for days to drink and be sad. As you may imagine, I was fired, and after David and Texas Toast found me, I was a mess. My most current girlfriend and I had split and because of this I felt sexually empty (I’ve always had a deep seated lust problem) so I made yet another mistake and had “The Devil’s Threesome” Which I most honestly don’t regret. Let me tell you why I regret none of this.

I regret none of this because ever single thing mistake I made was a learning experience. They taught me about myself: My true fears, my weaknesses, my vices.

Through this somewhat devine self realization I stopped and said “what the f*ck am I doing.”

I realized I needed to get away from some of the people I had surrounded myself with (not David or Toast). I realized how weak I had become in trying to lead some pointless p*ssy “normal” life. 


I am going to take some time off, use a little bit of one of my large cash stashes, and do a bit of traveling. Get the old me back I guess. Not run from my problems by trying to go back to the way things were. I’m not quit sure what I’m trying to say, where I’m going, or what I’m going to do, but I do know that I need to get away.

Not a vacation though, vacations are for pansies.

Quitting smoking, girls, drinking, and sh*tty people.

Alpha out. 


Made it for you

Sorry about being stuck in the mountains for a week. Took a “trip” to the canadian rockies for little while. I will probably go over the details in depth in another post.

Im really here to explain two things though. Girlfriends frightening resemblance to a marvel character and the twitter account I made for you guys.

One of my friends (fellow nerd) pointed out that Laura was like a real life version of, well, Laura. I was kinda weirded out, and so was she.

Twitter account is @alphaechophobos. It will be half my real life and half parody, because I’m gonna have fun with my lady’s similarities with Laura Kinney.

I find these things more amusing and interesting than my real life. Weird right?


Eh? You Think?

Chillin at work today drawing some sexy super hero lookin chick when one of my students notices.

Let me back up a little bit. During a period in which I don’t have a class, I let students who are having trouble come in for help. This was one of those times.

Anyway, he said “Wow Mr.*******, that’s pretty awesome. You should totally draw comics!”

Now this was just one of my students being nice, even though the portrait turned out awesome, and I love it. It got me to thinking, damn, I don’t do anything with my life anymore these days. And I would love to have a comic series. But truth is, I’m really not that great at drawing. I can really only draw the face. That’s about it.

Nevertheless, I kinda wanna do this, and have an idea for a story. It’d probably just be a six issue something or other, but hey, why not, right? 

Heres the Character Bios and then I will give the general plot line.

Daniel – Main character, in his mid 30’s, about 5-10, 230 pounds, average build, bald, thick face, dark grey eyes, quiet, refined, very intelligent (mathematically and analytically), no physical or marital relation to any of the other characters. Favorite artist(s): Beethoven, Aesop Rock, and Temper Trap; Favorite Movie(s): To Kill a Mockingbird, Tombstone, The Departed 

Bandit – Young female, very angry, smart-ass,black hair, Similar appearance to Mike Choi’s “X-23”, she is the “wildcard” of the group, Cal’s little sister, she plays the drums. Favorite artist(s): Slayer and Megadeth; Favorite Movies: Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead, Spawn

Cal – Well built, Short dark hair, Large thick handlebar mustache, Sleeve tattoos, very humble and loving, watches out for his little sister (Bandit) like a guardian angel (because she’s always getting into trouble). Soft hearted, fearless, smart/witty. Favorite Artist(s): Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Run DMC, Beastie Boys; Favorite Movie(s): Any Western, Val Kilmer, or Clint Eastwood film

Remmy – Mid 20’s, very attractive, kick-ass mentality, fiery but polite, dark red hair. Only character with combat training (never in the military or law enforcement though). Gains power to slow down time from Abaddon’s arrival, but we don’t meet her until after she has acquired them. Favorite Artist(s): none; Favorite Movie(s): none

Brian – Abaddon’s best friend, basically Fone Bone. Favorite Artist(s): none; Favorite Movie(s): none

Abaddon – Inter-dimensional being, very tall, dressed in dark robe, wise and sage like. Low calm voice. He’s come from another world to save the earth from the onslaught that is engulfing the world.

Casion – 1. Drug derived from infant that is immune to the disease. Name is from infant’s name.

2. Daniel’s son, infant with white hair.


A disease created by a government scientist possessed by a demon has been released into a high populous area in north-east America. In an attempt to cover their tracks, the government has stolen an infant from a hospital. An infant which they believe holds the cure of the disease. But his father, Daniel, is more than determined to get his son back. Meeting friends along the way, he tries to save Casion (his son) from monsters, soldiers, and government scientists. The leaders of the nation have turned their backs on the rest of the world as, one by one, people slowly fall victim to the disease. 


Any feedback is appreciated!

Yall rock ~ Alpha