Quick update.

Alright so obviously a lot has happened in my life since i have last posted, but i will keep it short and sweet since i am on the road right now. Me and Tina both agreed that we had rushed into things, and so we got a divorce (there is a lot more to the story, but lets leave it at that). The old team (David, Ellie, Texas Toast, etc) lives w Tina at the house. Sam and Doc are both KIA. I live in an apartment with Niko, Fizher, and my new girlfriend (but she travels for work and has her own apt so she isnt around all the time). There is a CIA agent that i met in the field named Richard who also lives with us. Me and Tina are still close but not dating or anything. Been busy, so hopefully I can tell you some great stories when I have time. But for now i must go. Alpha out.


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