Quick update.

Alright so obviously a lot has happened in my life since i have last posted, but i will keep it short and sweet since i am on the road right now. Me and Tina both agreed that we had rushed into things, and so we got a divorce (there is a lot more to the story, but lets leave it at that). The old team (David, Ellie, Texas Toast, etc) lives w Tina at the house. Sam and Doc are both KIA. I live in an apartment with Niko, Fizher, and my new girlfriend (but she travels for work and has her own apt so she isnt around all the time). There is a CIA agent that i met in the field named Richard who also lives with us. Me and Tina are still close but not dating or anything. Been busy, so hopefully I can tell you some great stories when I have time. But for now i must go. Alpha out.


Not Dead Yet

I don’t want to be too self centered, but I’m sure you all missed me very much. This is a short one though because I have a lot going on. Me, Fisher, and Niko have all been in Afghanistan (and other lovely war zones) for the past couple months doing some contractor work. We’ve been slowly but surely getting the order back together too. Ok so it’s just the three of us, but that counts for something. I will try to catch you all up some time, for right now, Alpha out.

P.S. I love you all