Back it up. Yea I like that.

Ok so this whole drug lords daughter thing is going way deeper than I expected. She’s dead, but it turns out that the guy didn’t even have a daughter and we had bad intel and it was all a setup and other stuff. In the past, or however long it has been, I have been in China mostly but also in Amsterdam and some other surrounding countries on both areas. There is some stuff going on with the triads (real talk) and I just got back two days ago.

We will return to the impending gang war/I don’t even know whats happening.

First thing I did was go see Kat. She had been in a car accident and wasn’t doing so well. So I stayed with her for a day but then had to go home for a little bit. Other than the Accident not much was going on with her.

At home I saw Tina for the first time in a while. For the one day I was home we hardly talked. It felt like a serious disconnect. The one thing we decided on when we did talk was that we needed to postpone the wedding.

Texas Toast left and is staying home because it is a religious holiday week for him or something. His lady is in town too. Me, Lena (my sister for those of you who haven’t been around ) and Niko all left and flew into Germany. There we met Triad gang members waiting for us. In Germany. It was messy and when we got to the place we were staying apparently some had followed us. The place was an older two story inn with fading yellowish wallpaper. We were walking past a man in the hall and this guy and I made serious eye contact. It was strange and we were in our room when I was thinking about the man. I heard a knock at the door. I looked at Niko. “Did you unpack anything?” I asked. “No,” he replied and picked his bag and mine up. I went to the door, opened it, and as soon as the man tried to push the door open I slammed his arm in it, probably breaking something. He dropped his gun which Kicked to Lena. She picked it up and Popped him twice in the head as I opened the door and backed into the bathroom doorway. Another man behind the door charged in with a bat and I grabbed him and turned and threw him into the mirror. We ran out and the man was standing there that I had made eye contact with earlier. He was a man about the same size as me but probably about five years older. He had circular glasses (like the cool British ones) and a full mustache. “Follow me,” he said. I trusted him for some reason. We had driven here on bikes and we jumped on ours. He jumped on his too, because he had one. My sis jumped in an old modded up Honda Accord that I had had for myself in the country (I keep cars all over the place for when I need a vehicle in other countries)
[Insert Wicked car and motorcycle chase here]

Lets back track a little. There is a priceless artifact. An old scroll that actually belongs to the underground family/group that me and Niko are from. The guy in that hall is from the group too. His name is Craige. But He prefers Fisher. Any way, we had taken this scroll thing back from a Triad leader in some of the fuss earlier, which is far too long for me to go into detail.

So our little crew trekked West and has been on the road. There have been a couple vehicle changes due to break downs, and just needing different vehicles so that we wouldn’t get spotted.

We are making our way to meet up with a Triad leader to make peace.

Now movies inaccurately depict the way gangs work. True they will kill people who fuck with them, but they aren’t stupid, and prefer to get things rather than spend resources. So I’m sure we can offer our services to them and they will leave us alone. It actually is just that easy. And I am just so great with people, I can make friends with my worst enemies, and have before.

On a completely different note. I met someone. On the road. Well you see it was such a strange coincidence…

[Background story time]:
So after me and my brothers went on to live on our own we needed money, a place to stay, etc. We got money from the contractual work, and some of the other stuff came with that. But we also made a lot of friends because of the values instilled in us at a young age. We made the right friends. We even performed some vigilante justice. Some of the contractors that we were very close with (and still are) of course had families. Some even had kids. Kids that I knew. I’m uncle Alex to a couple.

So I hadn’t seen this girl in years. Her father had died honorably. Not in a contractual business but protecting his family from muggers. Even we can’t stop bullets. I didn’t even go to the funeral because his wife hated us for what we did and thought that what had happened was God punishing them. I knew it wasn’t though. Me and God are tight.

She remembered me when she saw me but I didn’t remember her until she said who she was. She really had grown. We had a big hug and talked for a while. She gave me her number and said that sometime we needed to do something together. It was adorable so I said yes of course.

We left to continue our trek and that’s where we are now. At a nice hotel with wifi. I will let you all know how everything goes. Good day sir or madam.


One thought on “Back it up. Yea I like that.

  1. Haha, I just saw your secondary title. Totally funny!
    Glad you’re doing pretty well though. As for the girl you were looking for…damn. But yea, meeting the right people will take you a long ways. Looks like you’ve got a pretty strong network set up and that’s pretty awesome. Whoo, vigilante work! That’s sounds totally sweet. Although, the only thing that keeps coming to mind is Batman…
    Haha, tight with God. Of course. I totally can relate with you on that one 😛 Haha, oh well. Enjoy that hotel!! Especially with dat wifi!!!

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