Think fast!

So this time I can’t really tell you any details, but only the good stuff. I have been living in abandoned buildings and the forest for the past couple of days and just got a hold of some wifi.

The Caucasus Mountains is where I have been actually.

Anyway there has been a lot going on. Me and Toast met someone very important. Every time I go somewhere I seem to meet someone.

This quick back story will help you understand everything. A while ago after I came out of hiding, I became part of a group of contractors that were more like a family. I can’t really tell you anything about that group but the only way to recognize them is by a certain tattoo and if you see them in combat, because we wear a porcelain mask that is different for each member.

The whole mask thing came with the group when it originated in China I believe. We have been around for a while.

Our masks are supported by kevlar or other materials now, because porcelain breaks pretty easily and my mask has deflected bullets before, saving my life!

Ok anyway. When we were in a small town getting a meal, there was a man outside smoking as we walked in and ordered. I then gave into my need for a cigarette. As we both stood there smoking I noticed his tattoo (and if you haven’t caught on yet, it’s one of the things I look at when I observe a person. I rolled up my sleeve without looking at him. He said something in latin (that I can’t tell you, sorry) and I responded in latin. We walked inside and sat down together. My food had just arrived and we got to talking. He was part of the brotherhood (trust me we had the name first) and so me and him had a lot to talk about. Toast was just confused because we talked in latin a lot, which Toast knows, but he was still confused. The man pulled out his mask. It was surprisingly similar to mine. It covered the entire head and sloped down to a point on the front with only two eye holes. Mine was a little more elongated and a little less pointy with different eye holes. Mine had some designs carved into it too, like a custom engraved weapons. After a lot of talking, he decided to come with us since he hadn’t had much action recently. For us that is like two weeks without shooting someone.

Any how I hope this gets through…


2 thoughts on “Think fast!

  1. That would be pretty sweet to know someone by their tattoo. To know that someone is family or that they’ve gone through similar things that you did just by a mark on their body. Pretty badass if you ask me! Hmm, porcelain supported by kevlar? That must be pretty interesting, I wonder how that works though. On that note, as always, keep safe!

    • Yea and we are rare haha. I was like, “oh hey. that’s cool.”
      I don’t even know how mu stuff works half of the time either. I hardly ever engineer my own stuff. I leave that to Cas’ friends or Doc.

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