Away Again

Unfortunately my friends I will be leaving you for a little while again. I’m going to try to post some spotty stuff about what is happening but I can’t promise anything. 

So let me explain this too you all. It is a classic. These are my favorite and I get them a lot. When there is a gang or mob related kidnapping, the family or whatever doesn’t generally got o the police. If they know who will get the job done the go to us. 

Cas came to me a couple minutes ago and presented something he knew I would never refuse. A drug lord’s daughter was kidnapped by human traffickers a couple hours ago and he specifically requested me to bring her back. This would be a job for me and Texas Toast. We have been packing but I stopped for a moment to inform you all and eat some dinner. 

I’m excited, but I’m probably going to miss Kat again. She’ll be a little pissed, but I’m sure she will be fine once I explain. 


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