Shit Hits the Fan

So I go all the way to this abandoned city. Get some uranium in a heavy ass case. I mean lugging this thing was the worst, and I’m a fairly fit guy. I meet this buyer at the train station. I had found something else in the Clover House though. It was some schematics for a warhead or something. That stuff makes money. So I grabbed that too. Ok ok, back to the train station. This guy and I do a really nice exchange and I can tell he has done this before. But something goes wrong. I here the very faint, but very distinct (especially if you know the sound) shot from a silenced pistol. I turn, my weapon drawn to see the man falling to his knees. No one noticed but the few people that are there see me and drop to the ground. All but one. I immediately recognize her strange hair style (very colorful and done up in some strange Japanese something or other. I don’t know hair stuff ok?). She is Vincent’s (one of my good friends and a buyer of almost every schematic I receive) assistant. I always knew she was crooked. So I squeeze off a round into the back of her skull. She was pretty foolish to have thought she could walk up and take something I had worked for. And not only steal from me, but fuck up my reputation on the market. I think you all get the idea of business and how it works. Just a quick side note: This all happens in a matter of seconds. I run to her and take the briefcase (classic) and sprint away. Police are far away from this station I know. I planned it that way on purpose. As I run I start to stagger. My vision blurs. Not so naive. I looked on the case handle. Yes a small needle and patch has penetrated my gloves. She’s fast I think. I take a sharp right and tumble over the train tracks and down a steep hill. Before tumbling down the hill I made sure I was out of sight from all of the train patrons of course. I start to hallucinate as I lay there. Hallucinations are good usually meaning that you aren’t going to die. I see some strange things. A little pink haired girl picking flowers and laying them by me. I start to float into the sky and everything spins and turns a purple shade. At least she picked some great poison. I had a great poison trip.

I woke a couple hours earlier (from now) to a very nice looking women and a couple guys all armed and faces covered. Except the women’s. Her face wasn’t covered.

Just to be a bastard, Guess who these people were.

I will mail the winner a gold coin.



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