Happy late Easter and Stuff

Happy late easter. I spent my morning right after I had returned from vacation taking my little friend Kat to some of her relatives I had had Texas Toast locate for me. They are good people and I met them and I trusted them. But I promised I would come visit Kat at least every weekend. Her new caretakers said that would be fine and I said yea well you people don’t have much choice and you would understand if you knew me.

After that I stopped in on some of my old Russian mob friends wished them a happy easter and then went over to celebrate with Cas and his family. Because we are practically family. It was a good day and I even ended up taking my bike out for a ride.

So today I am back in that Airport again. Last night was strange. After some drinks in Cas’ office I left for home and planned on spending the night watching “The Killing” with my crew. But no. Apparently everyone in the house was seeing a ghost. It’s not that I don’t believe in ghosts, It’s that they love to play practically jokes on me and each other, and since I wasn’t home for april fools day, I could only assume that they were making up for lost ground. This was not true though. I walked into my room and sat on my bed looking into oblivion thinking. And then I noticed it. The case hanging on the wall by my closet door was empty. This case normally is occupied by the engraved knife that my brother gave me while he died in my arms. This made me fairly mad considering it is the one thing I told people they never were allowed to touch in my room. I questioned everyone for a little while but gave up the search, seeing that none of them had actually taken it or had any idea where it might be. So I went to sleep. I was having a very strange dream about my brother when all of a sudden I woke. I could feel that my face and hands were covered in some warm sticky liquid so I turned on the lights. There was blood all over my face and upper body. My sheets and pillow were soaked. I walked to the bathroom. I guess my nose had bled furiously in my sleep and I had to trash my sheets and get a new pillow after I washed up. Tina had actually been sleeping in the other room because she was mad at me for questioning her earlier. As I sat on my new clean sheets My door started to open. Tina walked in holding my brothers knife. “I found it stuck in the ceiling downstairs.” she said. Hmm, that’s pretty creepy I thought.

Perhaps this was just one of my friends playing jokes on me but with the dream I think they may have been telling the truth. I will try to keep you all updated but I’m going to get the Clover House job out of the way this week so I might be a little busy. If You don’t here from me, leave me some things to come back to. Have a good day my friends!


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