More pics




Me and David


Me about to fall off a 10,000 foot tall mountain.
Yea they are cool.


6 thoughts on “More pics

    • Well I was actually adopted by one man. He died when I was 17. My brothers were 20 and 16. After that I was contacted by some “people.” They took us into a program that did government dirty work. It was like a special ops but not government owned. It’s all very confusing. I just did what I was told but in the years I worked for them my brothers both died and I ran from the organization. They lost interest in me for the most part, and the whole thing disbanded. Or os I thought. I had begun to get team together of some of my old contracting friends who I had met through the program and we did some work. I started a normalish life too. But the organization actually came back and killed everyone I knew. All my friends and family. After that I ran. Those were the years I lived alone in Morocco. During that time I was doing some minor contractual work and what not. Then I found the man who had my family killed. Executed him. Didn’t get any satisfaction out of it. So I went after everyone else going down the list. After that I moved to Germany. Met Tina there. Now we live happily in Ohio, working for a contracter organization owned by one of my good friends. I have a little team and we do odd jobs. It’s fun.

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