Mile High Journaling

Ok so im an idiot. I forgot to tell you all what my sister has been up to. I suppose it’s because she has been gone. She has her own jobs and I set her up with my company so she works with me. It’s pretty great because we share a bank account right now and all of the money she made is being used on this vacation. The job she was just on was a simple escort job for a high profile card. Something, i didnt really read the file, but that doesnt matter because i didnt have to do anything! 


I’m writing this to you all on the plane. They majorly fucked up my flight today which was somewhat disheartening. So we will be spending the night in Las Vegas. Yes that’s right. Las Vegas. Now if you have been keeping up with me and my posts you know that me+alcohol+gambling+prostitutes=best night ever. 


Well for me. And that’s why we and the guys will be up all night. It’s also why Tina never takes me to Las Vegas. See there’s one problem though. Kat is with us. I feel obliged to be a good influence, but I have a feeling that isn’t going to go over. I will do my best to be a good man for her. We have some type of connection I usually don’t get with people. It’s very strange. But great because she likes me too. We both see t5he same things too. It’s hard to explain and I don’t know how to tell you all, but it’s awesome. 


This view is amazing. I love flying. It’s one of the things that strangely enough gives me a thrill, among other things. Anyway tis trip is somewhat of a couples retreat for me, Tina, David, and Lusa. Plus Kat. Because I really wanted her to see the mountains. She almost broke my hand on takeoff though. Not sure If I will take her flying any more haha. Now Doc Serena, Texas toast, Sam, and, Ellie all stayed home. Because they must work! No vacation for them. And Doc hates flying. 


Well if they don’t find my body in a dumpster somewhere in vegas, it means I’m alive and will be posting again soon. Get ready for those pictures onwindydays!


One last thing. I know I have a couple followers now, and I’m glad for each and every one of you. Maybe through me you can learn something about yourselves, or maybe you are just hear for the exciting stories and that;s fine too! Whatever the reason, I love hearing from you al and human interaction helps me remember I’m not just a robot or a slave. Thank you all that read my posts and God bless you beautiful people!

Also I wrote this late last night. Hotel didn’t have wifi…


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