Last night…

So while I was in Vegas last night I did a little bit of work. Don’t tell Tina because she hates when I work on vacation. I met up with one of my contacts and his right hand women. We met up to talk about this Clover House job. He told me all of the radiation stuff was just a scary story to keep people out of the town. It is in fact abandoned, except for some punks who hang around acting cool. Scaring them off will be easy. He informed me about a new job though. Apparently a drug runner plane went down somewhere in the middle of nowhere Canada. I told him sorry but I’m on vacation. He gave me the file for the job anyway. We parted ways. Minutes later at the Hofbrauhas I meet one of my good old friends. A contractor himself. So we talk for a while, enjoy a couple drinks and I give him the file. In exchange for the file on the drug plane he gives me some schematics to sell for my corp. Glad I ran into him right?

Other than that I had a freaky as hell dream today. It was some crazy angel demon dream, and Kat was in it. It freaked me out a little.

I’ve been trying to post a video for you guys, but I have no service on my phone in the mountains. We have a gorgeous view from our condo. Be jealous.


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