Let me updatify you all on my life so far. 

The new job I received I really have no time limit on so next week I am going on vacation. The trip was already planned however so regardless it was happening. It was just convenient enough that I could wait on this job though so I took it. It is a simple recovery job. But yet not so simple. That’s why I have to do it. But another fun one. If you couldn’t tell yet I only take the fun ones. I met my very good friend (and often employer) Cas. He always has a job for me and is one of the most easy going guys I know. Especially for the line of business he is in. We actually hang out when he has free time but it;s not that often that either of us really do. So he said he had an interesting one for me. I couldn’t refuse him…if you met the guy you’d understand. It’s a recovery job. Retrieving some highly enriched uranium from an abandoned building in a desolate old town. Apparently the part of town that the building is in is off limits due to some government thing, radioactivity something or other. The place that this uranium is in was nicknamed the “Clover House.” I still don’t know why but I really don’t care because this is one of those high paying jobs that are hard to pass up. 

I do have some not so good news though. It coud probably be interpreted as good news though. The cybernetics girl has no memory. She can speak english perfectly fine. But no memory. No math skills. No writing, reading, or history memory. Very interesting. She is very nice though, and so we are taking her back to her family this Friday. She does have some random pieces of metal protruding from her right arm and the back of her head though. Hopefully there aren’t any strange long term effects on her form this crap. I mean other than the ones that are there right now…So bad news because she’s a little messed up but good news because she doesn’t remember it and she’s alive.

Now the other girl that is staying with us. She is awesome. I don’t know what it is about her but I just love this girl. I really want to keep her and have her live with us and I’m freaking myself out about it because I keep having flash backs about…things that happened. Tina is starting to like her too and we both agreed if we can’t find any family for her to stay with then she is living with us. She told me she wishes her father would have been like me. I almost cried. Almost. We went on a motorcycle ride together yesterday, it was like the normal life her and I have been missing all of these years. Not sure what the future is going to be like, but I am this little girls savior and she is my light. Her name is Kat by the way.

Speaking of bikes I still haven’t found one yet. Finding the right bike for super cheap price is hard. Sure there are a lot of cheap bikes out there for sale but finding one and jumping on it before anyone else does is hard with my work and all. Craigslist and ebay are the only way!

I wanted to end with a little story. It is about my calling. My calling that I received from the lord. When my brother was bleeding in my arms he kept telling me “Don’t ever give up. The lord has a plan for you, you were meant for something big.” I have always taken his words to heart and know that whatever I do, it is part of the lord’s ultimate plan. I will always remember my brother for the great man he was and for the words he told me with his dying breath “He chose you.”

Hopefully I will able to tell you guys how great Tahoe is and rub it in your faces! Nah, I’m just kidding, but we are landing in Reno, and you know what that means. Prostitutes and Bars!


2 thoughts on “Updatification

  1. “Don’t ever give up. The lord has a plan for you, you were meant for something big.” I can’t agree with you any more. Thanks for sharing that.

    On the other hand, have fun on your vacation! Good to see that everything seems to be going well. Although I can’t imagine what it would be like losing my memory…

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