Oh my sweat lord why me

So yes I was gone for a while. I assure you have good reason. There has been some interesting stuff going on. I will explain that stuff in a moment, but before that I had a friend inquiring on a couple different things. Onwindydays, I’m going to break this one down just for you. First off I’m sure he isn’t the only one wondering these things so I will explain them to you all because I care.

The first topic. I have come out of my past couple of encounters unscathed. It’s true I am a champion. Now for the most part it is because of how skilled I am and how long I have been doing this for that makes up for my safe return most of the time. Also my faith in the lord gets me through a lot of the potential carnage. Unfortunately an injury free trip is not always possible. I have been shot, stabbed, beaten, and even poisoned once. Damn you poison man. Damn you. Weeks on the toilet, weeks!

Next topic: current location. I live in Ohio. Thats all I can tell you, but my most recent jobs have had me in Canada, Serbia, Morocco, and Azerbaijan. Yes all very far away from each other…very expensive. But paid well.

Separating work and leisure. You know when people tell you that you have to do what you love for the rest of your life? Or something along those lines. Well kids thats what I’m doing. I also had a calling. That whole deal is a story for another time. Even though it seems like I’m always working I have plenty of leisure time. I go to clubs with the crew. Go on trips with Tina. Ride bikes with David. A lot of normal life stuff. But I love what I do. I get to see the world and do fun things! Yea things!

Lastly the mind numbing, scarring, pain etc. I’ve learned to cope. I pray. I hope. You can’t distract yourself from what you’ve been through, thats the weak way out. You have to take it head on and let it know you are in charge and be the master of your own domain. I never knew my parents. I watched my adopted father take his own life. I watched my brother be blown to pieces and I watched my other brother bleed to death in my arms. My first fiance died in my arms too. I’ve been through some of the worst torture imaginable. It makes you stronger.

Now onto the craziness that has been going on very recently. After my daughters, I’ve always had a soft spot for girls. So this weekend when I was in Toledo driving to meet up with someone about a possible job, I saw something on the side of the street that really caught my attention. *quick side note: Toledo is the second highest city for human trafficking in the U.S.* A younger girl probably about 18, was being approached by a white van. I won’t name the brand to discourage any future van buyers from this brand of van. It was behind me and riding my ass so when it slowed down and a guy jumped out to grab this girl I slammed my brakes because that wasn’t about to happen. The single man that had exited the van saw me coming and pulled a Glock from his pants like a “real gangster” and so I pushed the slide back, switched it to safety, and released the mag and action of the pistol, taking the top half of his gun from him. All of that disarming practice in the dark with Kyle (my twin brother) had really paid off. I landed him a nice soft one to the nose. Knocking him out. Must not have been gangster enough. The van had sped off leaving his friend for dead, and the poor girl had been pushed to the ground and was sitting their up against the wall, trembling in fear. “Come on,” I said while extending my hand, “I’ll take you home.” She didn’t have a home. She was running away from the brothel that had had her for two years. She had no friends. No family. Ok, ok, yes I took her home with me. How could I not? She tried to act all hard at first but then broke down crying. She seems like a sweet girl too. When I walked in with this girl, Tina said, “Oh Alex what the hell I said I would try new things but this is a little much.” I said “Noooooo, let me tell you what happened.”

Also Cybernetics girl is still in recovery.

And I told her and this girl is staying with us. Got the job too. I will tell you all more about that some time. Remind me to tell you people about these damn things I keep saying I will tell you about later! I always forget…


2 thoughts on “Oh my sweat lord why me

  1. God is good. I truly believe that he put’s us in these trials so that we will grow, not only in ourselves but through him as well. Your life is a testament to that. Hey congrats on getting that job!! Hopefully everything will be alright with that girl…and good to hear Cybernetics girl is in recovery. Hopefully it’s nothing serious. You keep safe man!

    Alright so for future reference you have to tell me about (I’m just keeping track for you man!):
    1. Your calling
    2. Your new job
    3. And personally: what is a good affordable bike that you would recommend to someone…possibly thinking about getting one this summer 🙂

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