So let me catch you guys up. The man we were trying to find (the one with the apartment connected to the girl’s apartment) got spotted driving and I caught up to him. He wasn’t even far away considering how long ago he had left, but I was also driving pretty fast. So I caught up to him and forced him off the road and in broad daylight beat him with a pistol on the side of the road. That just shows you how much people care. Anyway he told me (after 30 seconds of interrogation) where the girl was. Old abandoned building/warehouse. I get there and there were a couple of guards with mini 14’s and 12 gauges…and other crappy store bought stuff. Took care of them pretty easily (with my m9) and made my way to where this girl was. She was the only one there. To be honest I was expecting some kind of army of cyber zombie people or something. But no, just her. Unfortunately I was a little too late, for they had already cut her open done what they wanted and sewn her back together. From what it looked like they had done it appeared that she was permanently blinded and had some sort of brain damage. But when I tried to speak to her she responded. She was actually fine but had bandages over her eyes and head so she couldn’t see. She had trouble walking too so I had to help her out and all the way to the car (I parked pretty far away. Don’t need any bullet holes in my beautiful car). We just got back early this morning and I gave the girl over to our doctor. 

On a quick side note, we have a doctor at our base and we had a field medic too. But our field medic died a couple months ago so now I am hoping that her sister will come out in the field with us. Our field medic’s sister is our doctors assistant.

He has been working on her ever since and when he works NO ONE IS ALLOWED IN THE OPERATING ROOM. So I am yet to hear what has been done to this poor girl. Hopefully she is ok, but I get paid either way. 


2 thoughts on “Cybernetics?

    • Unscathed. Not always haha. I wish I could tell you but I can’t really… hope you understand. After years of this stuff you learn to cope though. You kind of get used to it because your mind physically changes and acts differently. I’m not sure the scientific way to put it or whatever. But some of it does scar you. Leisure? Haha oh boy let me tell you we get out a lot. The crew hangs and sometimes we go on trips for fun and not biz. Also thanks for the nomination!

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