Of course I have plenty of connections. I’m a pretty friendly guy I think. One of my good friends that I’ve known for a while let us stay with him. I feel as if I need to tell you all how we met.

A while ago when I was younger I was going through the whole “who am I” thing and I was in south America. Now I had been told about this guy just like me who and was a leader of a militia group (don’t worry I was never a leader of a militia group). So I went off to go find him. I’m on a trail (by myself) in the middle of the forest and all of a sudden all of these militia soldiers rise up around me in the grass pointing their little Kalashnikovs at me. One of them just points to a man who starts running away. I’m pretty confused at this point and some of them are coming towards me yelling things. Since they are speaking some language I am really not fluent in I only really get one word out of it, “run.”

So I run after the man in front of me and we are going through an extremely muddy and wet area. The people around me start shooting their guns in the air and such as I run after this man. To this day I’m still not sure if this was some kind of test or something or other. I finally get to a drier place above the muddiness. It looks like the end of a road on kind of a peninsula type thing. This man turns to me and speaks english thankfully.

“I am the one you have been looking for.” he says.”Help me with this and I will help you.”

“Ok.” I reply, “So what is it you need me to do?”

He points to a truck coming down the road and says “kill these men.”

Ok, I think, no big deal, this guy is important and these dudes in this truck are whatever…

So these dudes in the truck carrying some small caliber smg’s (mp5’s tec 9’s, whatever) come out and start to talk about some mysterious thing that they are buying for their boss. They all walk past me and follow the man who told me to kill them. The last man in the group has a side holster with an hk 45 in it. I take the pistol out of his holster and shoot him in the back of the head. The other two immediately turn around and as the first man’s body falls I catch him by the jacket and use him as a human shield. I shoot the second man at the base of the neck before he can even fire and the third man fires one shot at me as I shoot two at him. One in the heart, the other in the left shoulder.

So they are all dead and I drop my human shield and turn around to see a fourth guy and some women coming out of the truck, and I charge them and slam the fourth guy in the door. He drops his pistol and I kick it pretty far (pats self on back) all the way into the mud. Then the guy comes at me and he is actually a pretty good fighter. Definitely krav maga. My favorite fighting style. But my new friend is right there with me and hits this random guy with a huge stick. Practically a log. This women doesn’t really seem like she knows whats going on at this point. But then she starts begging for her life and saying she will work for us and stuff. The man I have come to meet yells something and his men take her somewhere. No Idea where they ever took her but me and this guy got to talking and from then on we have been pretty tight.

And yes he owns some houses where we are and gladly told us we could stay at them for a while. So that is where we have been.

Me and Fez are pretty tight now. He has thanked me several times for protecting his daughter and for once I feel good inside. And his wife isn’t even mad that I broke her wrist her. Aww yea.


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