Crap I can’t type that fast, typing is not my job

So I have a little bit of time at the moment. I have had to resort to one of my least favorite tactics. Wearing down the enemy until they give up. This sucks, but I can’t leave these two girls alone to try to go fight some bad guy I don’t even know. This guy is new too the game and I don’t know anything about him. I left the team behind on this one because I really wanted to take this job on my own, but it is starting to look like I might need their help. Other than Rex giving us a ride every once in a while, I haven’t contacted them since I have left. There is no compromising with this guy either. We can’t buy him off and I would never buy someone off anyway because it never works. Ever.

One thing that is hindering me from doing this job as professionally as I can would be the fact that these dreams are getting more and more vivid and frightening. They are waking me up in the middle of the night. It isn’t good for my mind to be somewhere else at the moment and the girls are starting to get freaked out because I yell things in my sleep and what not. It also attracts attention if we stay at a motel, inn, or something or other. Like I said before I’m sure it will pass.

I think tomorrow will be a great day though. I just have a good feeling


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