So we just left this little motel type thing. This is a lot of fun. But it turns out we are going to have to keep moving for a while. The people after this girl really want her for some reason. One of the people sent to get her was this cute blonde girl. And I just have to tell you about this. But unfortunately I can’t. Now I can possibly tell you a little about it via message or something or other, email, I don’t know. But it was great fun. And to sum it up this little blonde girl is with us because she was forced to go after this girl. You know her life was at stake, the classic cliché. But we are on the road today. It’s dark and cool out, which is my favorite weather type. We were listening to this CD (by crystal castles) and it is perfect for the drive. Check that band out. I wish I could tell you guys more I really do because it’s great fun and I havent had this kind of fun in ages! Let me know if you wish to hear the whole story so far because I could probably tell you I just don’t want to put it out there in the open. And I could only really tell you the story so far 😉 Well they are both nagging me to get back on the road. See you all again soon!


2 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. That is such an awesome job. You seriously don’t hear stuff like that every day. I read your last few posts and that stuff sounds pretty intense. You be careful out there! And hopefully everything goes well for that girl, I really have no idea what kind of stuff could be going down where some one would need protection like that…but it seems like she’s got some good people taking care of her. Checked out the band you recommended, pretty sweet I must say. Will definitely have to check out more of their songs for sure. But I would love to hear more, I feel like your posts give me an escape from everyday mundane-ness that the world seems to have in store for me at the moment haha.

    • Not so sure that I’m good, but I’m doing the right thing I guess haha. Yea it got heated today, some crazy stuff going down. This little blonde girl is a champion though. Tina’s gonna be so jealous I can already tell hahaha. She hates any girl that I’m friends with you know? Well you probably don’t “know” but you know what I mean. Hope everything is going great for you man! Keep pursuing your dreams no matter what.

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