No more Australia

So the Australia trip is getting canceled. It’s pretty disheartening, but oh well. I’m sure I will get to go ride through Australia eventually. This Computer is starting to get buggy though and it’s pissing me off. Someones about to get replaced, you little electronic satan. The job got canceled because another buyer was like “Oh, hey, check me out. I’m just going to go to Australia THE NEXT DAY BECAUSE I’M SUPER HORNY FOR APC BLUEPRINTS!!!” Total tool. 

Anyway there is this girl at work. I’ve known her for a while but all of a sudden she’s trying to come onto me and I’m like WTF I have a fiance. And then she gets all sad and angry. Sigh. She will get over it. Literally in the middle of me typing this she tried to walk into my office and get all weird (trying to show cleavage and stuff). I just sad “NO” and walked out. 

But I do get to go to Toledo tonight. It’s gonna be awesome. I get to do stuff and be in Toledo. No but honestly Toledo kinda sucks.I mostly just wanted to share this picture with all of you. My friend emailed it to me and I cried I was laughing so hard.



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