Let me updatify you all on my life so far. 

The new job I received I really have no time limit on so next week I am going on vacation. The trip was already planned however so regardless it was happening. It was just convenient enough that I could wait on this job though so I took it. It is a simple recovery job. But yet not so simple. That’s why I have to do it. But another fun one. If you couldn’t tell yet I only take the fun ones. I met my very good friend (and often employer) Cas. He always has a job for me and is one of the most easy going guys I know. Especially for the line of business he is in. We actually hang out when he has free time but it;s not that often that either of us really do. So he said he had an interesting one for me. I couldn’t refuse him…if you met the guy you’d understand. It’s a recovery job. Retrieving some highly enriched uranium from an abandoned building in a desolate old town. Apparently the part of town that the building is in is off limits due to some government thing, radioactivity something or other. The place that this uranium is in was nicknamed the “Clover House.” I still don’t know why but I really don’t care because this is one of those high paying jobs that are hard to pass up. 

I do have some not so good news though. It coud probably be interpreted as good news though. The cybernetics girl has no memory. She can speak english perfectly fine. But no memory. No math skills. No writing, reading, or history memory. Very interesting. She is very nice though, and so we are taking her back to her family this Friday. She does have some random pieces of metal protruding from her right arm and the back of her head though. Hopefully there aren’t any strange long term effects on her form this crap. I mean other than the ones that are there right now…So bad news because she’s a little messed up but good news because she doesn’t remember it and she’s alive.

Now the other girl that is staying with us. She is awesome. I don’t know what it is about her but I just love this girl. I really want to keep her and have her live with us and I’m freaking myself out about it because I keep having flash backs about…things that happened. Tina is starting to like her too and we both agreed if we can’t find any family for her to stay with then she is living with us. She told me she wishes her father would have been like me. I almost cried. Almost. We went on a motorcycle ride together yesterday, it was like the normal life her and I have been missing all of these years. Not sure what the future is going to be like, but I am this little girls savior and she is my light. Her name is Kat by the way.

Speaking of bikes I still haven’t found one yet. Finding the right bike for super cheap price is hard. Sure there are a lot of cheap bikes out there for sale but finding one and jumping on it before anyone else does is hard with my work and all. Craigslist and ebay are the only way!

I wanted to end with a little story. It is about my calling. My calling that I received from the lord. When my brother was bleeding in my arms he kept telling me “Don’t ever give up. The lord has a plan for you, you were meant for something big.” I have always taken his words to heart and know that whatever I do, it is part of the lord’s ultimate plan. I will always remember my brother for the great man he was and for the words he told me with his dying breath “He chose you.”

Hopefully I will able to tell you guys how great Tahoe is and rub it in your faces! Nah, I’m just kidding, but we are landing in Reno, and you know what that means. Prostitutes and Bars!

Oh my sweat lord why me

So yes I was gone for a while. I assure you have good reason. There has been some interesting stuff going on. I will explain that stuff in a moment, but before that I had a friend inquiring on a couple different things. Onwindydays, I’m going to break this one down just for you. First off I’m sure he isn’t the only one wondering these things so I will explain them to you all because I care.

The first topic. I have come out of my past couple of encounters unscathed. It’s true I am a champion. Now for the most part it is because of how skilled I am and how long I have been doing this for that makes up for my safe return most of the time. Also my faith in the lord gets me through a lot of the potential carnage. Unfortunately an injury free trip is not always possible. I have been shot, stabbed, beaten, and even poisoned once. Damn you poison man. Damn you. Weeks on the toilet, weeks!

Next topic: current location. I live in Ohio. Thats all I can tell you, but my most recent jobs have had me in Canada, Serbia, Morocco, and Azerbaijan. Yes all very far away from each other…very expensive. But paid well.

Separating work and leisure. You know when people tell you that you have to do what you love for the rest of your life? Or something along those lines. Well kids thats what I’m doing. I also had a calling. That whole deal is a story for another time. Even though it seems like I’m always working I have plenty of leisure time. I go to clubs with the crew. Go on trips with Tina. Ride bikes with David. A lot of normal life stuff. But I love what I do. I get to see the world and do fun things! Yea things!

Lastly the mind numbing, scarring, pain etc. I’ve learned to cope. I pray. I hope. You can’t distract yourself from what you’ve been through, thats the weak way out. You have to take it head on and let it know you are in charge and be the master of your own domain. I never knew my parents. I watched my adopted father take his own life. I watched my brother be blown to pieces and I watched my other brother bleed to death in my arms. My first fiance died in my arms too. I’ve been through some of the worst torture imaginable. It makes you stronger.

Now onto the craziness that has been going on very recently. After my daughters, I’ve always had a soft spot for girls. So this weekend when I was in Toledo driving to meet up with someone about a possible job, I saw something on the side of the street that really caught my attention. *quick side note: Toledo is the second highest city for human trafficking in the U.S.* A younger girl probably about 18, was being approached by a white van. I won’t name the brand to discourage any future van buyers from this brand of van. It was behind me and riding my ass so when it slowed down and a guy jumped out to grab this girl I slammed my brakes because that wasn’t about to happen. The single man that had exited the van saw me coming and pulled a Glock from his pants like a “real gangster” and so I pushed the slide back, switched it to safety, and released the mag and action of the pistol, taking the top half of his gun from him. All of that disarming practice in the dark with Kyle (my twin brother) had really paid off. I landed him a nice soft one to the nose. Knocking him out. Must not have been gangster enough. The van had sped off leaving his friend for dead, and the poor girl had been pushed to the ground and was sitting their up against the wall, trembling in fear. “Come on,” I said while extending my hand, “I’ll take you home.” She didn’t have a home. She was running away from the brothel that had had her for two years. She had no friends. No family. Ok, ok, yes I took her home with me. How could I not? She tried to act all hard at first but then broke down crying. She seems like a sweet girl too. When I walked in with this girl, Tina said, “Oh Alex what the hell I said I would try new things but this is a little much.” I said “Noooooo, let me tell you what happened.”

Also Cybernetics girl is still in recovery.

And I told her and this girl is staying with us. Got the job too. I will tell you all more about that some time. Remind me to tell you people about these damn things I keep saying I will tell you about later! I always forget…


So let me catch you guys up. The man we were trying to find (the one with the apartment connected to the girl’s apartment) got spotted driving and I caught up to him. He wasn’t even far away considering how long ago he had left, but I was also driving pretty fast. So I caught up to him and forced him off the road and in broad daylight beat him with a pistol on the side of the road. That just shows you how much people care. Anyway he told me (after 30 seconds of interrogation) where the girl was. Old abandoned building/warehouse. I get there and there were a couple of guards with mini 14’s and 12 gauges…and other crappy store bought stuff. Took care of them pretty easily (with my m9) and made my way to where this girl was. She was the only one there. To be honest I was expecting some kind of army of cyber zombie people or something. But no, just her. Unfortunately I was a little too late, for they had already cut her open done what they wanted and sewn her back together. From what it looked like they had done it appeared that she was permanently blinded and had some sort of brain damage. But when I tried to speak to her she responded. She was actually fine but had bandages over her eyes and head so she couldn’t see. She had trouble walking too so I had to help her out and all the way to the car (I parked pretty far away. Don’t need any bullet holes in my beautiful car). We just got back early this morning and I gave the girl over to our doctor. 

On a quick side note, we have a doctor at our base and we had a field medic too. But our field medic died a couple months ago so now I am hoping that her sister will come out in the field with us. Our field medic’s sister is our doctors assistant.

He has been working on her ever since and when he works NO ONE IS ALLOWED IN THE OPERATING ROOM. So I am yet to hear what has been done to this poor girl. Hopefully she is ok, but I get paid either way. 


This missing persons case is taking some strange turns. This women’s apartment had some wicked Satanic ritual stuff going on, but none of the blood was hers. Now there was a secret door to the room next door. Since I am not actual a detective I don’t need a warrant to search anything. The person who came to us with this job thinks the disappearance has something to do with the whole cult thing and she wants to keep the authorities out even though it doesn’t really make sense why. So she hired us which is weird because we never do missing persons. It’s pretty sweet though. This apartment that was connected to the room was the room of a this guy who had some weird stuff on his desk and computer. I took my findings back to base and all of this stuff is about combining robotic parts with the human body. Now it’s not like cool new prosthetic limbs that could be used for good. It’s like creep robot zombie stuff. I really don’t know how to explain it because I have no idea what it actually is or how it works. I also found out that this guy left a couple days ago (according to neighbors) in his truck. This is the hard part. We have connections in the police department, so we looked up the license plate and have our guys in the PD on high alert for him. After we find out where he is, we have to catch up and find him and follow him. This is frustrating because of how limited we have to keep the PD involvement without them getting suspicious. Until then I’m gonna have to sit back and be bored…

You guys can feel free to ask me any questions you want now too. I will tell you the stuff I can, but honestly it helps to talk about some of it and I like talking about some parts because I have some pretty funny stories. Well they are funny to me anyway. See you all again soon.

Window Seat Recap

So here’s what has happened over the past couple days. I find out the big bad guy that is after this family is someone I know. I have worked with him and for him before and he’s really not even that bad of a guy. I end up meeting him and talking to him and find out that all of this has been blown way out of proportion. I also find out that my sisters has worked for him before and that some of the people that came after us weren’t even with him, but were just trying to get revenge on this Fez for something. Anyway in the end, everyone makes nice and Fer and her family get to go back home. So I am back with my sister and at work today. It was a good time and I hope that I get another interesting job soon. Right now I’m looking into a missing persons case though. Usually not that fun…