It’s happening

Yes it’s happening again. That time when I post after a really long period of not posting. I’ve been pretty busy just like usually, but I’m using my first snippet of free time to post for all of you. Because I love you. I love all of you. I’ve been in Japan for the past…I don’t even know how many days. Anyhow, Me and David had another fun job. We got to do my favorite things. Buy weapons and drive motorcycles across a country. We had to make a delivery half way across the little island country, and the package was small enough we decided to rent motorcycles. I received a cafe racer looking Yamaha sr500 and David got some Triumph triple or something. We made the delivery. I purchased a really nice m4 (I will post a picture sometime because it is just so beautiful), a new CIRAS vest (it’s super cute), and some other random combat gear. It was a fun two (or something) weeks.

I want to apologize to onwindydays ahead fo time, because it’s going to be a while before I nominate people for the award I received. What did you expect? It’s me.

I’m leaving again with Sam and David to go to Australia next week (best month ever). I’m afraid Tina will cut her hair this time though. Very afraid. She keeps hinting at it in that condescending way. HER condescending way. *sigh* I’ll get over it. 

I other Tina related news, she wants her own motorcycle now. This figures, because me and David (and all of my other friends) have been riding whenever we can, and since she wants a new bike it means that I can’t buy one for me. This is not a big deal because I already have two, but finding Tina a bike that she likes is impossible. She wants something that she can handle but she wants something that will go fast. It’s hard to find a good balance in a motorcycle for her so if any of you have suggestions for a good bike feel free to save me a lot of trouble…

There is s much going on at the office away from home right now. We are getting busy again and people are getting very rowdy. It doesn’t make sense because as far as I can see nothing has happened to bring this on. It doesn’t bother me because I never get involved in the arguments. But it’s hard sometimes because people are so ignorant…

I’m just going to leave you all with these pictures from one of my new favorite websites to waste time on. Check it out, it’s called









You know you love it.


3 thoughts on “It’s happening

  1. No worries man. You and your travels! Ah maybe one day for me, I’ll have the chance to roam the world. Sooo sick. Love the photos of the bikes too. I actually really want to get one, but I’m not really a bike expert so I wouldn’t even know where to start…Haha.

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