Warm hearts

So I decided for a pre v day surprise to play an acoustic version of Everlong (one of the greatest songs of all time) for Tina. I had candles and everything. She stood there and got that look in her eyes. She teared up and when I was done playing came over and gave me the biggest most loving kiss. It’s moments like these that I know shes the one. On a music related note, all the time I have known Texas Toast he has been hiding his talent from me. He’s been hiding it from the whole group for that matter. Apparently he is a magnificent drummer. Fast and hard but technical. Literally perfect. So David and I decided we need to create a band and some gigs in town. Seeing that we have endless connections it won’t be hard. I will let you all know what our first set list is some time. And lastly, Greece is a crazy warzone. Fortunately it’s just riots and no revolution yet. Salutations friends in Europe. Stay alive.


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