Heroes and Valentines day

V Day. It rhymes with D day for a reason. The reason being, that if you are in a relationship with someone you truly care about, you want to make it a great day for them. A day in which you can express how much you really care about them. It’s a given that no matter how much we know they will love us no matter what, we will freak out and try to over do it. I’ve figured this out and am not going overboard this year. The things I bought Tina are some cute little trinkets ,a locket and a pocket watch, and a large box of chocolates. Now you wouldn’t imagine a beautiful young lady carrying around a pocket watch would you? No. That just simply isn’t a folkway. But she is different and for that I love her. She does carry a pocket watch and has a very healthy habit of checking the time. I’m one of those people that believes knowing the time is important. As for the chocolates, well, she’s one of those girls that loves chocolate. I don’t take V day seriously, and neither should you. It should be a relaxing day for you and your partner, not a stress filled nightmare. So to everyone out there freaking out about what to get that special someone, don’t worry, if they reject your care they simply aren’t worth your time.

Now onto the next subject. Heroes. We can broadly define heroes, each of us having our own version of what believe is a hero. But this isn’t  middle school report on what we believe is a hero. I love asking people what they think is a hero because of all the different definitions out there. There are people who think a hero is someone running around with a cape locking up bad guys, then there is the more sentimental view of a hero, say the firefighters of 9-11. Whatever it is you believe, you know that a hero does good. But then there is the argument: what is good? what defines a good action as opposed to a bad one? The answer is view point. For example, we believe terrorists are evil and the “bad guys.” But their brothers and families believe they are heroes fighting for a holy cause. Just like they see our soldiers as evil oppressing “bad guys,” we see our soldiers as heroes. I know it’s hard to look at both sids of the coin, but before you decide what someone is, look at why they are doing what they are doing. A man is shot in cold blood. He was shot while robbing a home because a father was defending his family. See how a couple details can turn the story around? It’s hard for some people, but just think. Just sit and think.


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