The call, Fiji water, other things…

So I’m sitting at work, wanting to not be there, waiting for this call to pack and leave. I’m reading this file on this job and dreading another long plane ride, but it looks like it’s going to play pretty well. It’s pretty funny though because it makes me wonder how these idiots get in this much trouble. Well honestly I could think of a couple ideas, but seriously, just use common sense and things likes this won’t happen! Aside from that I have a ton of stupid paper work, which is the most unendurable thing ever. EVER. 

I started to take up drawing again thanks to the strange dreams I have been having. I’m really not much of an artist but I can say that our mechanic was not offended when I drew a picture of her. It wasn’t that bad of a picture either. I really do love drawing people and other miscellaneous things that just pop into my mind when I’m bored. Usually the music I’m listening to dictats the drawing as it does with my stories.

On a note that is positive for the most part. I am quitting smoking. It wasn’t for my health. It really wasn’t even for Tina (although she did hate it), but it was mostly for a family member that had passed a while ago. I know they would never want mo to have given in to such a filthy habit so for that reason I am deciding to quit. 

Speaking of family, my team are my closest friends and family. I really just realized this not too long ago. We love each other and until you’ve been in the sam situations as us (and trust me you haven’t) you won’t ever understand how close we are.



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