No I am Not Dead

I have been traveling for a couple jobs and have had no time in between to do anything except ready  myself for the next job. Me and David almost got lost in a foreign place and I’m gonna be honest. It was awesome. It is the kind of fear factor in my job that makes me love it. The other two jobs were fairly easy but took entire days because of travel time and so on. They are making us a fortune though and thats why they are worth it. I did, however, through all of the action, stumble upon a magnificent website. It’s called and I love it. Every so much. It has something for almost every taste as far as I can tell and they are all very good. Some of the stuff is a little suggestive, but unless you are very sensitive, I’m sure you will be fine…babies. Whoever you are and whatever your taste in art is, I suggest you give this website a chance. It has about 500 pages of pictures. Your bound to find something you like,

In other news. Tina joined an “underground street women’s basketball league” and yes, I do go to watch the games and they are awesome. It’s like watching a bunch of goddesses…play basketball. It’s pretty hard to explain, and it’s allure must be seen to be understood. The best part is yelling from the stands like a soccer mom and embarrassing my fiance though.

One of the best parts of being away from home was growing out my beard. It’s fabulous. And all the ladies love it. Sorry Tina. 

Lastly, I’ve been having these really strange dreams about my first fiance and my daughter that passed away. I see them, but there are subtle differences in their appearance and they don’t seem to recognize me. The dreams are strange and they are kind freaking me out because there is no sound…Fun fact: starting this blog was a suggestion from my therapist. The truth is I’ve come to love this blog though and I’ve come to love some of the people I have met. Stay strong everyone, because you never know what’s just down the road.


4 thoughts on “No I am Not Dead

  1. I may as well say the same. I feel like I’m about to die though! Although, I think that being away from here may possibly be worse haha. I miss reading about all of the different stories and experiences…Oh well, hmm Underground Basketball League eh? Haha, all of the things you describe sound so shady all the time! But that’s actually pretty cool though. Oh yea, I saw your last post and I wanted to thank you for that. I really don’t have anything to offer about your dreams…I mean I’ve never been through anything like that so I wouldn’t even have the credibility to say anything about it either. But true that on that last sentence. Totally true.

    • You know if there was be one person I would be willing to tell about my job that doesn’t already know about it, it would be you. All I can say right now though is that we might be making a trip to Syria any day now.

      • That is so awesome! Well, that’s really cool that I am able to have earned your trust like that. Everything is going well! Not gonna lie, some of the stuff my friends and I do are pretty shady too hahaha 😀

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