Tina’s Termination

onwindydays really made my day. I wake up to a message from him everyone once in a while, and they make me happy. I love his attitude towards being unique too. The way he embrasses it is inspiring.

On to the matter at hand though. Me and Tina reached that “stale” point in our relationship. It’s not that we got bored with each other, or rather it is. It’s hard for me to explain this without sounding heartless and indifferent to our relationship. We still care about each other very much, and more so, want to stay together. But a couple nights ago we had a long talk. The kind of long talk that gives long talks their reputation and makes you hate them (the long talks that is). So she decided she needed to quit her job. The one with me. The freelance one where there is the whole team mentality going on and whatnot. She made this announcement on one of the most pivotal nights of the week too. Tuesday night. Now tuesday night is clubbing night and incidentally, one of the only times we are all together (as in everyone in our little group, team, workforce, etc whatever you want to call it). It was a grand announcement, sounding something along the lines of “I’m quitting and now I’m going to be the ‘stay at home’ team mom!” Everyone ways somewhat sad, knowing we would have to hire yet another “new guy.” But the most sad out of everyone was Texas Toast. Don’t ask how he got the nickname. You just don’t want to know. I’m pretty sure he cried a little, and since he’s a mute, his tears spoke louder than his words that night. He told me to write that…Anyway all is good now and I am looking for a new member to the team.

Searching for a new team member is probably the most rewarding, but hardest part of my job, and I hate it. I hate it a lot. For me the risk and reward don’t exactly weigh out evenly. Like when I hired Rex. He talks too much even though he is very talented at what he does. His skill barely makes up for the amount of garbage that pours out of his mouth every minute of every day. I don’t even have any candidates picked out at the moment and they are becoming increasingly hard to find. Someone will turn up, and for the time being we will be fine without them.


So bought a couple things at the exchange yesterday. I’m gonna have to attest to the greatness of that store for a moment. It has movies, music, games, game systems, skull candy headphones, T.V. series, and other miscellaneous items. There is no other store that I need to go to except this one.  Because Tina buys the groceries. I purchased the games Rage and Wet for the 360, and Two new cd’s. I havent played Rage yet. The third person shooter feel of Wet is like a combination between Prototype, Borderlands, and Wanted: Weapons of Fate. Or at least thats how I see it. I’m not really getting sucked into the story like I want to be when I play a campaign oriented game. Some of the game play is a tad bit corny too, making me realize why it was a $9 game. I don’t hate it though and plan to finish it, because it does have some fun parts to it and the unrealistic acrobatic combat is actually pretty cool. This being said to perform some tricks in the game, the controls are pretty different and finding the right angles and what not is sometimes difficult. Overall I would give this game a 7 out of 10 so far…The two new cd’s I bought are both great though. They are from opposite sides of the spectrum, giving me more variety to my vast cd collection. The first cd purchase was “I Do Not Talk” by Childish Gambino. I absolutely love this rapper, and he is one of the most talented I have ever heard. This cd has a lot of songs that can be applied to situations in my life, and for that I love it. I have played the track “almost there” for Tina and you know she loved it. There is really no one quite like him, and I praise him for his talent and uniqueness. The other CD I bought was Lights Out by UFO. My friend said once I bought this cd I would throw out all of my Led Zeppelin cd’s. Of course he was wrong about that. I have found a knew love for UFO, but Zeppelin will always be my first true love. They are an extremely solid classic rock band and I think everyone who loves classic rock needs a UFO cd in their arsenal.

To leave you all on a positive note (not that UFO wouldn’t be a positive note) the Navy SEALs have rescued some aid workers in Somalia, because the navy seals are badass. That is all. Heres the link.


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