A little something because I’ve been slacking…

I’ve been having a crazy weekend along with the week before it. But currently I’m debating whether to write in the third or first person. Third it is. I just felt like writing this little story.

What is this we’ve found here. Is it a lie? She wondered and wondered. No matter what it may be she knew she could never have it. She knew she could never have him. It was so sad how his eagerness and insaciable apetite for knowledge had dragged her in. He just kept pursuing and pursuing until he spoke to her, drawing her in like a timid, hungry, animal to bowl of food. But the darkness had been hiding the tattooed hand, forever marked with shame, guilt, and hallucination. But I believe that we are not meaningless. Geez, you’re acting like it’s all bad here! They’re still friends. He takes care of them and her, looking after them and keeping them safe. I mean honestly, they take too many risks. But he met some new people. And he just loves them. They’re so beautiful and pure inside and for once he doesn’t want to change that. Usually the *ahem* other side would have come out, but no. He’s been doing a great job at keeping himself controlled.

What I really want to get at is the night before his dear friends death. All of this is quite trivial. They were all enjoying a drink. Lovingly showing each other a good time, the whole lot of them. Thats really all that needs to be remembered from that night. He promised his wife and daughter he would be there whenever they needed him, and he’s a man of his word. He told his best friend everything a truly good man is and that he was a good man. He told the others about all of the loss in his life, and how it never gets any easier, and thats why no matter how many you loose, you will always feel the same pain you did the first time. And thats why we have to enjoy, the short time we have and take care of those that truly matter. All of that jibber jabber at the beginning? Oh, well thats not important.

That was probably one of the most pointless things I’ve ever written, but I just needed to throw something out there. I was pretty bored tonight.


2 thoughts on “A little something because I’ve been slacking…

  1. Haha, that was pretty good! Nothing’s ever pointless, I mean in terms of writing. Well, some stuff can be. But that’s not the point!

    I think it was pretty good actually. And you know what made it even better? Having this —>(rainymood.com) opened in another tab while I was reading this. Epic.

  2. rainymood.com hmmm it kinda does add to the feel in the strange little paragraphs. I just bounce ideas of the wal all the time, having little stories in my head. Sometimes I just feel like writing them dow I guess. Glad you enjoyed it though!

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