The visit and a hobby

So one of my good friends is a 3rd grade teacher. Me and her were high school friends. *Quick side note: I have more female friends then male friends and Tina is ok with this.* Anyhow, because of my background and current occupation, she asked me if I could come in to speak to her class about what I do. Now for me this is hard. I have a good sense of censorship, don’t get me wrong, but to be honest I had no idea what to say. I made the mistake of telling a 3rd grade class the truth. I mean, my friend said I could say whatever I want so I did…It went exactly how you might expect: All of the children looking very confused as my friend shot me a look of pure terror. I toned down some of my explanations, and from then on it went pretty smoothly. I saw a sigh of relief from my friend and finished up by answering some questions (which there were very few of). This was fun for me. For some reason I was all excited from presenting to a 3rd grade class.

On to a different topic: I wanted to share about one of my favorite hobbies. I have been an avid weapons enthusiast for some time now, and knowing your weapons like the back of your hand is one of the pieces of knowledge that I have made my duty to attain. Timing how long it takes to field strip a weapon and put it back together is one of my favorite activities. So one night I was playing around with a new toy and Tina’s beloved cat decided to jump up on the table. The weapon was half way taken apart so I wasn’t particularly worried about it going off, if that is the outcome you had expected. No. The cat was the one soon to bringing pain upon me. Mental pain. Of course my obnoxious neighbor slams his door at this moment sending the cat jumping along with the firing pin of the gun. Conveniently as if out of a movie, the pin bounced a couple times, and then fell straight down a vent. I stuck my hand down the vent. I tried to use a clothes hanger to retrieve the pin. I even went to the floor below me and asked the person in the room directly below mine if I could search their vents. They explained to me that isn’t how the ventilation system in this building works and I left with my head down. The pin was never retrieved and I wait in anticipation of the next one arriving, for I had to order it online…

Any way to leave you all on a good note, here are a couple of my favorite pictures. You might not think they are as funny as I do but oh well. 





And here are the pictures on rotation every week right now for my PC backgrounds. They are all pretty freaking great.







“Single ladies” just came on my ipod while it was on shuffle. Anyway what’s your computer background?


2 thoughts on “The visit and a hobby

  1. Noo way…lost your pin in the vent huh. Darn cat, haha. Oh well, amazing background pictures by the way.

    Oh, actually, if you ever run out of epic backgrounds (which I’m pretty sure you won’t) check out They have some absolutely epic/stunning/awe-inspiring backgrounds 😀 That’s where I usually get mine from.

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