Versatile Blogger Award

Anyone paying attention to my blogs has known that for some reason I have had a terribly hard time choosing who to nominate for the versetile blogger award. First off I should be thanking onwindydays for nominating me. It is an honor to be nominated for any award, let alone by a stranger. So thanks! The reason it has troubled me in making my choice, is that I want to nominate people I believe are truly versatile bloggers. These are some of the people I believe really just write about what is on their minds. And not just spew out a bunch of crap but actually write about something Worth reading. These people write for the fun of it and not just because they have to. Well as far as I know, none of them have a gun to their heads…

Anyway, Heres the rules for the versatile blogger award:

1. nominate 10-15 bloggers. (I did not follow this rule…)

2. Inform the bloggers that they have been nominated! (well geez you werent even gonna tell them were you?)

3. Share 7 random things about yourself.

4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

5. add the versetile blogger award pic to your post

So here’s my nominees in no particular order:

On Windy Days



The Happy Hermit – Andreas Moser’s Blog


Yes, I know I didnt choose 10-15….Well here are some random facts about me

1. Because of my job I can’t put my full name or job description online…anywhere. That includes Facebook, Myspace, etc.

2. My first fiance died two months before our marriage. As sad as it was, things were very complicated…Hopefully it’s not some type of strange curse where my current fiance will mysteriously die. Don’t worry Tine I’m sure you’ll be fine!

3. My top ten movies in no particular order are Tombstone, Stranger Than Fiction, Four Brothers, Fargo, Suckerpunch, Taken, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Blazing Saddles, National Lampons Christmas Vacation, Max Paine, Star Wars episode six.

4. I was in a band in high school and we played at the local bars and such, but never really went anywhere. For good reasons though.

5. I’ve lived in Luxembourg, Morocco, The United States, and Italy, all for at least one year.

6. I was taken from my parens at age ten and have not seen them since.

7. And to finish up on a more positive note, I was part of a volunteer interpretive dance crew and we preformed in a local theatre. It was awesome.

I just want to thank onwindydays again for nominating me, and in general just being a great person!



4 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

      • haha it’s ok if you dont, i dont mind. But thank you! Recovery is easy just have to take some anti infection stuff. I think thats what it is…Being in a band was awesome though. I would go around the high school and start talking really loudly to my friend, “HEY, YOU READY FOR THAT GIG TONIGHT??” “the birthday party for my little cousin?” “no play it cool man..the GIG” “oh…Oh.. OH YEA THE GIG WOOO!”

  1. That’s great to hear! Haha, it didn’t matter how I phrased it. When I mentioned the upcoming field show or whatever everybody knew that I was in band/was a band geek. There was no way that I could have ever played it off as a cool thing. Although band…looking back, was not bad. There has definitely been worse. Although being in an actual band (with guitars and drums and stuff) would’ve been pretty cool.

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