I’m terribly sorry, But chances are I wasn’t too missed

It has been a long and eventful past couple of weeks since I have posted. I’m just gonna say it. I proposed. In a hospital. After a car accident. Yes I almost died (not really but it’s much more dramatic that way). If you want to know if she said yes or not I might tell you… or I might not and make this text face that my niece sent me one day —-> :> she says it’s a bird. It made me laugh for about a straight hour (I don’t know why it made me laugh so much). I have also had a lot of morbid thoughts going through my mind lately too. Not quite sure why. Anyway it looks like Romney won the Iowa Caucus. I’m just gonna stop myself before I start talking about politics. Any way this picture is just plain great.

Skip de do da day.

Any how, leave me stuff, I love talking to you guys, and if I’m not getting back to you on stuff, I WILL EVENTUALLY. It’ because I’m probably busy planning a wedding, which is way more fun than I thought 😀

P.S. I’m sorry I havent chosen my award nominees yet! The next post (swear on my life) will have my nominees.


6 thoughts on “I’m terribly sorry, But chances are I wasn’t too missed

    • Well it was a yes, but let me just give you the dialogue real quick. And this was literally what happened word for word.

      Me- *rolls our if hospital bed onto floor* honey…

      Tina- shouldnt you br in the hospital bed?

      Me- will you marry me?

      Tina- no *FULL YEN SECOND PAUSE* Nah im just fucking with you, of course I will!

      *tears and hugs*

      And that is the reason I love her! hahaha

  1. Haha, that is amazing!! Well, congratulations to you!! That is definitely way more important than a silly award. And I hope that you are okay too. Car accidents, be it minor or serious, are still accidents. But it sounds if you are doing okay?

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