Oh, it’s only Wednesday? Cool.

This week is dynamic in a bad way. The first two days felt very fast, and that got me excited. Today is going extremely slow and it is fairly early in the day which is a bad sign.

On a more positive note, there is a new trend going around at our work place. “The Tebow.” You know that thing Tim Tebow does? Image

Yea thats the one. The idea is that if you do something like spill coffee all over your friend you Tebow. When you bring dishonor to your family, you Tebow. You the new temp hears you talking about her panty line, you Tebow. You forget to warm your car up and end up being late to work, you Tebow. There has been a lot of Tebowing since the trend started too…For he most part it’s because we screw up so much. Here are some more great examples of people who decided Tebowing was the only answer.


Multiple Tebows for multiple crimes against society.


A heart felt Tebow at the baseball stadium. (This is one of my favorites).

Ok. I’m sitting with my friend and one of my other friends just walked up and nonchalantly said “polar express” and they fist bumped and the other friend walked away. I don’t even know what just happened…

Anyhow, this might be it for the rest of the week. Nah probably not.


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