On “Giving a Damn”

You know there are a lot of people out there who really just don’t giva a damn. Now in most cases this is a good thing. Not letting the simple things upset you is a skill that takes years to master (well for me it took that long). But there are those blatantly disregarding almost everything important too. I shake my head at you, silly people. Fear not though! It’s never too late to give up these bad habits. Like smoking, it takes a little determination and realization that the bigger picture is more important than our little worlds. Now for the good majority of us there is also a hand you can reach out too to help you rid yourself of not caring. A friend, a family member, a coworker, or a partner (depending on their competence level). Aside from the fact that Tina just watched me write that over my shoulder, Your options are open. Now there are three basic steps to follow every day that will help you. here they are:

Step 1: Look at what you are currently doing (out in life, of course. Right now you are reading this). Is what you are doing worth while? Is it important? Could you be doing something more proficient to your time? Or are you taking a well needed break (which we all need every once in a while). 

Step 2: Now if you have moved to step 2 then you are doing something wrong.  STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Now think of all of the meaningful things you could be doing. If I’m going to fast let me know.

Step 3: Congratulations! You’re almost done! Now remember that worthwhile thing you were thinking of in step 2. Go do that thing.


Yes, yes, I know. These instructions are terrible. But really all I want you to do is to make worthwhile all of you’re time. No matter who you are you are important and can do something great! You don’t have to bring peace to the world, holding the door open for someone with full hand is a great thing. Being able to blow off an argument with a friend and apologize to them shows you’re a person that really cares about the important things and not the silly things like the reason you were fighting in the first place. Sigh, this article should really just be “Common Sense and Kindness Trumps all”


Yea, take it as you want I don’t even know what I was trying to say here.

Love you Tina 🙂


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