First things first. I have never been a Harry Potter fan. Honestly I’ve never seen the appeal to it. But a couple of my friends are just way too excited about it. They told me that Harry Potter is better than real life and that they wanted to live life like Harry Potter. Just taking it a little too far. They also tried to explain to me that Harry Potter would beat a guy with a gun. In their world, maybe, but in the real world, gun trumps fake wands. Every time.

Now for the real deal: NEW DRB ISSUES! Every time Dark Roasted Blend updates I will post about it. Its a great website and I think more people should be exposed to its greatness.

American Concept Car Showcase (part 2)


Just a photo from this article. Theres more where that came from right here.

Oh my this issue is hilarious! Hilarious prank letters to corporations.

Go read my friends. Go read, and go conquer.


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