Not that bad for a monday I’d say. Usually I find myself dreading the idea of going back to work, but today I didn’t mind the fact. This Friday is the day that Snowtrails opens too. Let the snowboarding season officially begin. I guess the weekend wasn’t that good though. Friday was ok. Saturday wasn’t as fun as I had hoped. Sunday kinda sucked. Yea the steady weekend decline took place. I have a good feeling that today is gonna end on a good note. The only surprise I got today I was so ready for, and that is a rarity.

When I’m having a bad day or I’m just bored I usually end up here though:

It is a great “boredom website”

Its just got a lot of different things going on whether you are looking for a laugh, some creative and interesting art, or the next newest gadgets. Really it’s pretty cool for anyone.

Me and some of my coworkers have started referring to others as peasants. It’s actually pretty fun, and I would suggest trying it. Like if you and some others are waiting for the elevator and someone goes around you to take the stairs you could say something like “The stairs are for peasants!” Or if you are in line at (name place here) and you don’t want to wait, you could just yell “out of the way peasants!” and more often than not someone will step aside for you, royalty. Well sometimes it works, but anyhow it’s still funny to refer to people as peasants. For the most part it’s just an esteem builder.



I think I’m gonna start posting weird facts on mondays.

Weird fact of the Monday: The way you eat can be considered sexual harassment in the workplace. So Don’t eat too seductively.


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