Snow, snow, SNOW!

As noted earlier, the first snow fall of the year has graced us with it’s presence. This subsequently means that the snowboarding season is more or less here. Luckily I have already started to compile music for my great snowboarding playlist. As I have found myself in need, many a year, for great music to board to, I have compiled a list of my favorite bands and their CD’s to board too. There is a fair mix, I believe, of generes in my list, so if you need some suggestions take a look, whoever you are, and whatever your taste in music may be!

(Format=Artist – CD, CD, so on and so on.)

We will start with the (for the most part) indie and electronica music. This is pretty much just the easy going music. You carvers out there will probably dig this:

Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream

The Shins – Chutes too Narrow

Busy P – Rainbow Man (He also has a lot of great singles)

Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours, Zonoscope

Gemini Club – Future Tidings

Hudson Mohawke – Satin Panthers (You saw this one coming)

LexiconDon – Pink + Blue

Matt N Kim – Grand, Daylight

Miike Snow – Self titled, Rabbit

Phantom Planet – Phantom Planet

Ratatat – Classics, Ratatat, LP4, LP3

The Temper Trap – Conditions

Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History

Now for the Hip-Hop/ Rap list. For this list, I’m just going to list the artists. Sorry lazy people…


Army of the Pharaohs

Asher Roth

Beastie Boys (they are just classic)

Eminem (sometimes…)

Flo Rida (the only song of his I ever really liked was Sugar though)

Hollywood Undead

Jay-Z (again, only a couple good ones)

Kid Cudi. Who doesn’t love a little Cudi?


M.I.A. (You know that one single? Yea thats it…)

Tinie Tempah (anything but his mainstream garbage)

Medium heavish rock stuff…yea.

Billy Talent

A Day to Remember (they have a couple good ones, but some pretty crappy ones too…)


Dream Theater

Foo Fighters (absolute classic…just so awesome. Saw them live in Cleveland)

Green Day (their first two CD’s. Thats it.)

Good Charlotte (their first two CD’s too.)

Linkin Park (first two CD’s)

Mastadon – Crack the Skye

Metallica – Kill em All (the rest of their CD’s were ok)

Megadeth (classic)

Nirvana – Nevermind


Sleeping With Sirens (a couple good ones)

Now it’s time for the metal and heavier stuff. Prepare yourself mortals.

All that Remains


Arsonists Get all the Girls

August Burns Red

Bleed From Within

Bleed the Sky (only good album was Paradigm in Entropy)

A Breach on Heaven

Dead Swans (meh…They’re alright)

The Devil Wears Prada


Eyes of a Traitor

From the Shallows

Norma Jean – Meridional, The Anti-Mother

Of Mice and Men

Sea of Treachery – At Daggers Drawn

Trigger the Bloodshed

Winds of Plague

Yea, in my opinion these are the bands and music I love to board to depending on my mood, so if you like some of these bands GREAT! If not…well sorry I couldn’t help. Anyway, today is still going great.


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