The sweet night air (and some Hudson Mohawke)

So I had been home from work for a while and decided to watch workaholics (the funniest show ever). In the episode ‘Dry Guys’ it opens up with a song and to be honest, the combination of the song and the panning of the camera around the “morning after” made me pee myself a little (not really though). I decided to find out the artist. The name of the artist was Hudson Mohawke and I love them now. I burnt their CD five minutes later and watched the rest of my episode. Later that night while driving around to Hudson Mohawke (picking up dinner: Taco Bell and Starbucks) I decided to role my windows down and enjoy the music, like a teenage boy that had just gotten his license. Whilst one couple gave me a weird look, the car full of raging teenagers next to me was freaking out. This made me feel pretty awesome for someone in their twenties for some reason, so I peeled out when the light turned green and spilled my tall vanilla latte all over my passenger seat. I didn’t feel cool anymore so I turned down my music and went home.


Moral of the story? Use the cup holders. Because there is nothing wrong with driving around pumping Hudson Mohawke.


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