People of mystery

One may wonder, “what is the best way to approach someone who you don’t know. It isn’t always someone of the opposite sex as you might be thinking about the cute girl at work, it can be to anyone. As humans, we are naturally hesitant to talk to strangers, and this ca pose a problem. When is it the right time to approach them? Would I ve interrupting anything? What if they don’t want to talk to me? All these questions and more, are quit common. Really it just takes the courage to get over there and say hi. Even a “hello” when you are walking past wouldn’t hurt. But remember, whats the worst that could go wrong, right? I don’t really know actually. Probably a lot of things could go wrong to be honest…

Any how, Newt Gingrich is ahead in the Republican polls. Eh, whatever. Being the straightforward guy that he is, I kinda like the way he goes about things, but undeniably, he has a very murky past.

The day just took a crappy turn however. I hate getting in heated fights with my friends. Arguments are ok, because then there is an intelligent sense (usually) in these, but this was a fight…not cool…

Waking up this morning I rolled over and Tina was still sleeping (as usual). She is just so cute when she sleeps! And on my way out to the car I always look back at the sunset, and it is more often than not, very beautiful in the winter mornings. t was pretty, but strange this morning, and mad me wonder. I’m just so confused today. It seems like a great successful day, but at the same time,I feel bored and distraught. Ugh, fine world, I’m sure today will turn out fine. Mr. Burkhaldt better go out and get ice cream tonight. Thats what I need…

Today Nick emailed this too me and said it was me at my next job interview if I get fired.

Yea, that would totally be me…


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