The people that surround us

We all have that moment when we realize someones true character. Sometimes it’s a gentle nudge telling us “Darn I was right wasn’t I”? But sometimes it is a blatant slap right in the face. Yea this was one of those times. For the most part I am writing this part to all those liars, deceivers, and people that hide your emotions like it’s a crime. Really I don’t think you realize how better off society would be without you. You mess up our political systems. You mess up our lives. You mess up friendships conversations, and minds. So please, be honest. I know the truth hurts but lying causes worse problems, trust me.

Now that thats out of the way, a very short story? Why not. I mean I really dont have the free time, but why not?

He didn’t know what to think. They hadn’t told him anything, just tied him up and dragged him out of his cell. It was different then usual this time though, because they blind folded and gagged him. He could here the calls of fellow inmates mocking him, but he had really become accustomed to it by now. The vulgar cries died away, and he could tell it was getting brighter wherever he was going. He was dragged over a door step, and placed in a chair, still indoors as far as he could tell. The blindfold was removed and a single light shone in his eyes. “This the one?” he heard a man ask from behind the light. A different voice replied, “Yup.” “Now listen Kyo,” the first voice started, “you are gonna go out there and do what you do best. Fight to the death. Kill them all and you might win your freedom.” The blindfold was repositioned over his eyes and they stood him up. He heard another door open and the blindfold, gag and handcuffs were removed. They pushed him out into a large arena, his feet hitting soft warm sand. The arena was empty but in front of him stood two men from block C. Block C was for the weak. The first man looked him straight in the eye, and at that point he realized they had been told the same thing, “fight to the death.” The man ran at him disregarding the other man to his right. Kyo neutralized the man in one swift motion snapping his neck like a rabbit in a snare. The second man started to back away, but Kyo had found a small shard of metal in the sand. He threw it just like he had been trained, piercing the mans jugular. Blood, shone brightly in the mid morning sun and painted the sand as the man fell and sprawled about like a skewered swine. He heard a voice from above him and he whirled around to meet its origin. A man, who’s outline was all he could make out in the shadows, said one simple sentence. “Not him.” Kyo felt the all too familiar feeling of a tasar meeting his body. He awoke in his cell. Events like these, having happened before, were nothing new to him and he thought nothing of it, but it was the first time he had been in the arena. He had loved it.


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