Random short tale

Well because I’m bored…

She slowly opened here eyes. The ground was bare but not cold. Looking up at the wall she could see a blue dark glow that left a film on the walls, it seemed. The light was coming from outside. It was dark and snowing softly on the window. She was on the second floor from what she could tell and as she stood and walked to the door she noticed a light through the cracks. She went into the lit hallway, finding her way along the wall under the barely luminescent bulb. Soon a staircase greeted her and she followed it downwards to the first floor. The first floor was much darker with not a single light for her to find her way. She stood still for a few moments waiting for her eyes to adjust. When it seemed she could navigate the dark house she made her way down another shorter hallway into what seemed like a kitchen. There were more windows in the kitchen, these windows however were not plagued with artificial light form the outside. The sky was tan and sandy. You know how sometimes you look outside away from the city and the sky is all tan? Thats what it looked like. This intrigued her for she had never seen the sky such an odd color. Making her way to the right she stumbled upon a door and could not help but peak out on that mysterious sky. She cracked the door just a hair and a cold breeze softly wafted into the room. She opened the door a little wider and went out into the December cold. Her bare feet pressed fresh molds into the snow, but she wasn’t cold. She was warm with excitement and love, the kind of love for something intangible that we feel when we are most at peace with ourselves. This love we can always find within, at any place, at any time.


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