Some lyrics I wrote a couple nights ago

I couldn’t fall asleep a few nights ago so I wrote this out of sheer boredom.

Hate fills your heart

Or is it apathy?

Struggling to build

On this broken foundation

We came

We conquered

We reigned

We slaughtered

Innocent lives

Just thrown away like nothing

Seeing through your eyes

Is like simply forcing

knives down our throats

This pain remains

What we have done

Stands out in vain

Laughing maniacally

my minds a twisted mess

Being covered in dried blood

seems to suit us best

Lie for

your sanctity, they’ll never know

Fly free

From your lost damned soul, we’re in control

We came

We conquered

We reigned

And slaughtered

Hearing these cries

Sadistically excites me

When will this end

When will we finally be free

It’s not the end

Come my friend

We will live forever

We have come to far

To become martyrs

of this endeavor

The angels cry

the all ask why

its over now

its gone and died

We stand together

tall and proud

we look upon this flustered crowd

It seems as though we’ve reached the end

But what they dont know is its just begun

I took you in and gave you all the tools to sin

But you stood there and contemplated

What you might do if I rold you that I truly cared

My good friends are gone and dead,

But you and me we can still be

Singers, bringers, carers, givers, liars, lovers, hopers, winners

The storm has passed and we’ve come out stronger

This bond will last though the nights be longer

This misery I still keep inside

But maybe one day I’ll let it die


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