Great Christmas Gift ideas for the inept relatives

If you have someone who simply cannot seem to buy you a good gift because they are financially strapped or just suck at getting gifts (never let these people decide what to get you, just tell them what you want) then hear ye, hear ye, I come bearing good news. Heres a couple ideas for you out there.

1. A book: You may not like to read but if you hav ever been interested in anything in your life there is a book on it, and you will probably enjoy it, you lazy people. Plus books are fairly cheap.

2. Office/School supplies: Now whether you are studying or pushing pencils, we all need some new supplies every now and then, and it is virtually impossibly for your gift giver to mess this up. It’s also cheap.

3. Gift cards: Simply put; It’s the easy way out for everyone. Especially if they are buying “the day of.”

4. Candy, sweets, wine, etc: Depending on the person you are, or the person you may be buying for, these are also simply easy gifts. Now the picky hypoallergenic might be a little hard to buy for but just stick to the gift card for them.

5. Now for the very financially strapped there is the home made gift. I know, I know, WE HATE TIME CONSUMING TEDIOUS CRAFTS. But most people (the mature ones anyway) will really appreciate a gift that comes from the heart. Now the hand made matching sweaters are pushing it, but a hand made shelf might be a pretty cool gift. This gift idea is for people with time on their hands that know what they are making is something the gift receiver will definitely like. This gift is pretty trick actually…But the cheapest.

I hope this will help simplify your holiday season and I’m open to suggestions or other ideas so feel free to comment! Who knows you could help someone else out too!


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