Soon my pretties…

This has been one of the most intense weeks of my life. I’m almost done choosing my nominations so do not fear! The only thing keeping me alive right now is mass amounts of black coffee and Led Zeppelin.



I freaking love this band. Just a lot of work going on, haven’t been able to relax, but I will post more in depth something or other soon. Any how, I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season and a politically correct one at that.


Late Thursday night sorrow bowl

Well it’s about 11 on a Thursday, I still haven’t chosen my nominations (sorry guys), and someone just texted me and asked if I wanted to be part of a flash mob. The only option I have left at this point is my delicious “sorrow bowl.” Yes the term was coined by Tina. the coining of the phrase went a little something like this:

(dramatic thunder an lightning. It’s late Sunday night and someone had a rough day. Camera pans to a young girl crying into a bowl on the couch. The lights turn on.)

Me: Are you ok?

Tina: *sniff* yea I’m just having a rough day

Me: well wha…wait what’s that in your lap?

Tina: a bowl

Me: a bowl of what?

Tina: sorrow…

Now what was really in this bowl was a half gallon of vanilla ice cream, half a tray of fudge brownies, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. I told her we’ve all been there, where we needed a sorrow bowl. Right now I’m just having one of those days.


This was my sorrow bowl tonight. It’s actually quit sad that the dinner I’m a regular at knows when I need it. If I walk in by myself after 10 o’clock they know. Well I will choose my nominees over the weekend hopefully. Until then have a great weekend everyone, and remember, don’t be ashamed of your sorrow bowl. What do you guys put in yours anyway?

Oh, it’s only Wednesday? Cool.

This week is dynamic in a bad way. The first two days felt very fast, and that got me excited. Today is going extremely slow and it is fairly early in the day which is a bad sign.

On a more positive note, there is a new trend going around at our work place. “The Tebow.” You know that thing Tim Tebow does? Image

Yea thats the one. The idea is that if you do something like spill coffee all over your friend you Tebow. When you bring dishonor to your family, you Tebow. You the new temp hears you talking about her panty line, you Tebow. You forget to warm your car up and end up being late to work, you Tebow. There has been a lot of Tebowing since the trend started too…For he most part it’s because we screw up so much. Here are some more great examples of people who decided Tebowing was the only answer.


Multiple Tebows for multiple crimes against society.


A heart felt Tebow at the baseball stadium. (This is one of my favorites).

Ok. I’m sitting with my friend and one of my other friends just walked up and nonchalantly said “polar express” and they fist bumped and the other friend walked away. I don’t even know what just happened…

Anyhow, this might be it for the rest of the week. Nah probably not.


First things first. I have never been a Harry Potter fan. Honestly I’ve never seen the appeal to it. But a couple of my friends are just way too excited about it. They told me that Harry Potter is better than real life and that they wanted to live life like Harry Potter. Just taking it a little too far. They also tried to explain to me that Harry Potter would beat a guy with a gun. In their world, maybe, but in the real world, gun trumps fake wands. Every time.

Now for the real deal: NEW DRB ISSUES! Every time Dark Roasted Blend updates I will post about it. Its a great website and I think more people should be exposed to its greatness.

American Concept Car Showcase (part 2)


Just a photo from this article. Theres more where that came from right here.

Oh my this issue is hilarious! Hilarious prank letters to corporations.

Go read my friends. Go read, and go conquer.

On “Giving a Damn”

You know there are a lot of people out there who really just don’t giva a damn. Now in most cases this is a good thing. Not letting the simple things upset you is a skill that takes years to master (well for me it took that long). But there are those blatantly disregarding almost everything important too. I shake my head at you, silly people. Fear not though! It’s never too late to give up these bad habits. Like smoking, it takes a little determination and realization that the bigger picture is more important than our little worlds. Now for the good majority of us there is also a hand you can reach out too to help you rid yourself of not caring. A friend, a family member, a coworker, or a partner (depending on their competence level). Aside from the fact that Tina just watched me write that over my shoulder, Your options are open. Now there are three basic steps to follow every day that will help you. here they are:

Step 1: Look at what you are currently doing (out in life, of course. Right now you are reading this). Is what you are doing worth while? Is it important? Could you be doing something more proficient to your time? Or are you taking a well needed break (which we all need every once in a while). 

Step 2: Now if you have moved to step 2 then you are doing something wrong.  STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Now think of all of the meaningful things you could be doing. If I’m going to fast let me know.

Step 3: Congratulations! You’re almost done! Now remember that worthwhile thing you were thinking of in step 2. Go do that thing.


Yes, yes, I know. These instructions are terrible. But really all I want you to do is to make worthwhile all of you’re time. No matter who you are you are important and can do something great! You don’t have to bring peace to the world, holding the door open for someone with full hand is a great thing. Being able to blow off an argument with a friend and apologize to them shows you’re a person that really cares about the important things and not the silly things like the reason you were fighting in the first place. Sigh, this article should really just be “Common Sense and Kindness Trumps all”


Yea, take it as you want I don’t even know what I was trying to say here.

Love you Tina 🙂


Not that bad for a monday I’d say. Usually I find myself dreading the idea of going back to work, but today I didn’t mind the fact. This Friday is the day that Snowtrails opens too. Let the snowboarding season officially begin. I guess the weekend wasn’t that good though. Friday was ok. Saturday wasn’t as fun as I had hoped. Sunday kinda sucked. Yea the steady weekend decline took place. I have a good feeling that today is gonna end on a good note. The only surprise I got today I was so ready for, and that is a rarity.

When I’m having a bad day or I’m just bored I usually end up here though:

It is a great “boredom website”

Its just got a lot of different things going on whether you are looking for a laugh, some creative and interesting art, or the next newest gadgets. Really it’s pretty cool for anyone.

Me and some of my coworkers have started referring to others as peasants. It’s actually pretty fun, and I would suggest trying it. Like if you and some others are waiting for the elevator and someone goes around you to take the stairs you could say something like “The stairs are for peasants!” Or if you are in line at (name place here) and you don’t want to wait, you could just yell “out of the way peasants!” and more often than not someone will step aside for you, royalty. Well sometimes it works, but anyhow it’s still funny to refer to people as peasants. For the most part it’s just an esteem builder.



I think I’m gonna start posting weird facts on mondays.

Weird fact of the Monday: The way you eat can be considered sexual harassment in the workplace. So Don’t eat too seductively.

Snow, snow, SNOW!

As noted earlier, the first snow fall of the year has graced us with it’s presence. This subsequently means that the snowboarding season is more or less here. Luckily I have already started to compile music for my great snowboarding playlist. As I have found myself in need, many a year, for great music to board to, I have compiled a list of my favorite bands and their CD’s to board too. There is a fair mix, I believe, of generes in my list, so if you need some suggestions take a look, whoever you are, and whatever your taste in music may be!

(Format=Artist – CD, CD, so on and so on.)

We will start with the (for the most part) indie and electronica music. This is pretty much just the easy going music. You carvers out there will probably dig this:

Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream

The Shins – Chutes too Narrow

Busy P – Rainbow Man (He also has a lot of great singles)

Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours, Zonoscope

Gemini Club – Future Tidings

Hudson Mohawke – Satin Panthers (You saw this one coming)

LexiconDon – Pink + Blue

Matt N Kim – Grand, Daylight

Miike Snow – Self titled, Rabbit

Phantom Planet – Phantom Planet

Ratatat – Classics, Ratatat, LP4, LP3

The Temper Trap – Conditions

Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History

Now for the Hip-Hop/ Rap list. For this list, I’m just going to list the artists. Sorry lazy people…


Army of the Pharaohs

Asher Roth

Beastie Boys (they are just classic)

Eminem (sometimes…)

Flo Rida (the only song of his I ever really liked was Sugar though)

Hollywood Undead

Jay-Z (again, only a couple good ones)

Kid Cudi. Who doesn’t love a little Cudi?


M.I.A. (You know that one single? Yea thats it…)

Tinie Tempah (anything but his mainstream garbage)

Medium heavish rock stuff…yea.

Billy Talent

A Day to Remember (they have a couple good ones, but some pretty crappy ones too…)


Dream Theater

Foo Fighters (absolute classic…just so awesome. Saw them live in Cleveland)

Green Day (their first two CD’s. Thats it.)

Good Charlotte (their first two CD’s too.)

Linkin Park (first two CD’s)

Mastadon – Crack the Skye

Metallica – Kill em All (the rest of their CD’s were ok)

Megadeth (classic)

Nirvana – Nevermind


Sleeping With Sirens (a couple good ones)

Now it’s time for the metal and heavier stuff. Prepare yourself mortals.

All that Remains


Arsonists Get all the Girls

August Burns Red

Bleed From Within

Bleed the Sky (only good album was Paradigm in Entropy)

A Breach on Heaven

Dead Swans (meh…They’re alright)

The Devil Wears Prada


Eyes of a Traitor

From the Shallows

Norma Jean – Meridional, The Anti-Mother

Of Mice and Men

Sea of Treachery – At Daggers Drawn

Trigger the Bloodshed

Winds of Plague

Yea, in my opinion these are the bands and music I love to board to depending on my mood, so if you like some of these bands GREAT! If not…well sorry I couldn’t help. Anyway, today is still going great.